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Kunoichi (Because I Couldn't Figure Out Something Else.


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Kunoichi(Female Ninja....Place holder name cause I couldn't think of anything better at 2am PST....well that sounded in thematics with warframe)

Female Frame.



Health base 125-150

Shield base 100 

Armor 10

Energy 150


First Ability:

Wire pull(pulls people with wire) 25 power

Throws Tetsugen(iron wire, technically any wire type would work...space ninjas) at all enemies in front of her, personally I would prefer through walls cause hey space ninjas, but it could respect Line of Sight, in a 40 degree cone. She would then pull all the enemies that the Tetsugen was attached to towards her. (use slide like pre ragdoll pull...trust me it will be awesome)


Second Ability:

Caltrop(if you don't know what a caltrop is please visit wikipedia or something here is a link....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caltrop) 50 power

Scatters caltrops in a 5-10 meter range. Caltrops would slow and cause minor damage (15-x per sec, whatever seems reasonable), since an enemy is unable to move well, it causes an increase in damage done by percent  (15% or something not outlandish damage like Mprime) while under the effects of the slow.


Third Ability:

Bunshin(It means clone) 75 power

Deploys a clone that uses a teleport like ability and attacks anything that the player attacks. (Not quite sure how this would execute, I like the idea, but I don't want it to be lame or overpowered, Basically a cool ninja teleporting/ash like clone that would double your damage. Either doing damage by teleporting to enemies you attack or moving in a straight line away from you teleporting from enemy to enemy attacking all enemies in a 5-10 meter radius along that line.)


Fourth Ability:

Execution(Fill in name here....it kills people with wire.) 100 power

Using The Tetsugen She Either Hellsing Ova(there is a butler Walter who specializes in razor wires, it is very cool.) style whips out wire in all directions 10 Meter ish dealing heavy Serrated Blade Damage to all enemies, or Strings up all enemies in 10 meters ish doing physics damage as a dot over time, also immobilizing them similar to Bastille, for a set period of time 5-10 seconds ish ( I would even support a maximum count on this one due to the fact that an immobilizing dot would be pretty epic. if it was a limitless count skill. But hey space Ninjas....



I think some cool design features would be wire coils/winches built into her arm that are animated in conjunction with powers. 

(Edited because this was not received as intended) (Edited because this comment was not taken as intended)

I think her frame skin should mimic a kind of kunoichi style outfit, For example Red Ninja....


Well as my name suggests.


I wish you well this day/evening and may all your adventures be profitable, exciting, and or filled with lasers.


Sir Proper

Gentleman Adventurer, Profiteer, and Pugilist.

P.S. Owner of a manly proper 'stache


Edit: I am looking at you person claiming naruto....Seriously have you even watched Hellsing OVA's?

Thanks for your "feedback" I will take it into consideration if I EVER watch naruto. Maybe I might understand what the hell your are talking about. Yup an ninjas were a popular thing before naruto. Here is some education.....http://www.anime-planet.com/tags/ninja/anime

Edited by SirProper
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