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Redeemer Prime Simulacrum bug


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Redeemer Prime is reporting a crit for any damage delivered while the AI is paused in the Simulacrum, it seems. This is making it do way more damage than it should, and even the gas procs are critting.

When AI is turned back on, the weapon works as intended, with shots critting at the rate reported and status effects never critting. I spent a long time thinking the weapon was bonkers good in testing for taking down level 165 corrupted heavy gunners in one or two shots, when it turns out it was just bugged damage. -_-

I haven't done extensive testing so I don't know the scope of this bug, but I do know it's easily reproduced by jamming a bunch of AI-paused lvl 165 corrupted heavy gunners and wailing on them with the redeemer prime.

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