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Zephyr Synergy


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Edit : Sorry for the wall of text. Most of the topic is actually inside the first half (the second half includes a variant suggestion regarding Zephyr's first ability). Please do upvote if you like the suggestion(s).

Initial Summary : Zephyr has always been one of the least competitive/useful warframe in history (staying in the top 3 least played warframe for years). The rework was... underwhelming. However it is not, in my opinion, a problem regarding the idea behind the abilities themselves, but rather an issue of synergy and raw stats. In short : Zephyr, as it is now, is simply not interesting enough to be used in... well, 95% of the missions. The Plains of Edolon and the rework at the time 'should've' allowed for a new breath but it was simply too little to garner the necessary love from the players and come back to live.


I have a very easy suggestion that would greatly improve the synergy AND usefulness of Zephyr's kit, but to understand it, let's first take a look at the main issue :

[*] The 1st ability [Tail Wind] is simply too difficult to use especially in closed maps, let alone the fact that it barely deals any damages. It's not a problem with the damage's ratio 'per se' but rather the radius of the ability. 2m of contact is simply way too little, and for an ability called 'Dive BOMB', 7m of range is way too little as well. The issue regarding 'control' can be solved by modifying the way it is used by getting inspired from Titania's ultimate ability (Razorwings) which allows her to use similar movements to an archwing, which makes controlling directions and speed a LOT easier than compared to Zephyr's Tail Wind which is simply like running into a wall at full speed.
[*] As for the problem regarding the 'range', this is where the synergy I talked earlier about comes into play : Zephyr's 3rd ability [Turbulence] is about creating a wind current around himself. We can also note that said wind current's range is much greater than the 2m of impact range from the normal [Tail Wind] (7m at max rank). Here is the suggested synergy : [While Turbulence is active, Tail Wind's contact radius is equal to Turbulence's range AND it also DOUBLES the range of impact for both the Hover Jump and the Dive Bomb]. This is also a logical change to be made since Zephyr is supposed to control the wind, shrouds itself with a turbulent wind current, yet actually when rushing to ennemies with Tail Wind it has no effect whatsoever ? Meh.

[*] Finally, regarding [Tail Wind], the Dive Bomb part is truly underwhelming. Tail Wind's augment should also increase the damages of the Dive Bomb, not just the Tail Wind's part. We can imagine something like "+50% damages for each enemy in range" or to use the counter currently used for the Tail Wind's augment as a basis. Either way, the Dive Bomb mechanic has to be modified regarding HOW it activates, meaning the fact that we currently have to target the ground to activate it. This is a very unfriendly mechanic which can also be dangerous depending on the situation (especially those where it would actually make sense to use the dive bomb on a mass of ennemies below you). There is a VERY easy way to fix this : change [Tail Wind] activation method. Tapping on [1] will activate [Tail Wind] and prolong the airborn time while keeping [1] pressed down will activate the [Dive Bomb] part, regardless of where you are aiming. This would make it a lot easier to trigger a Dive Bomb without losing your target or having to constantly look around. Additionally it would also allow the player to actually cancel the dive bomb before hitting the ground (simply by releasing [1] before touching the ground), hence improving the viability of it (ie: you suddenly realize that diving at that spot would throw you off-map, or kill you instantly, or you would enter a nullifier's bubble, or get surrounded and killed quickly, etc.). Using this method would even allow the Dive Bomb to be actually 

[*] Lastly, a much-needed FIX for Zephyr's ultimate [Tornadoes] is required : it's fine to pull-in ennemies and ragdoll them away when they die, however there MUST be a change regarding the loots being sent literally to the other side of the map due to their low weight and being flown straight into the air and away. This is actually Zephyr's most annoying mechanic and the reason why I will never use his ultimate without the augment since gathering the loot becomes a real parkour challenge without it. The nearby loot can be gather however it should NOT be sent flying but instead gather in the center of the tornado itself (the eye of the storm). This one fix alone would make Zephyr's ultimate 'usable' in missions again.

[*] Changes that I consider mandatory to make Zephyr viable.


[Optional Suggestions] We can even go a step further with a synergy between [Tail Wind] and [Tornadoes] where using Tail Wind into a Tornado will propel you into the air at high speed, effectively extending your airborn time. Another optional synergy would be to also double the range of the 2nd ability [Airburst] if Turbulence is active (though it may be a bit much at that point ? Though I totally support this idea).

[Edit: New Optional Suggestions] When using [Airbust], if a Tornado is nearby, sends the ennemies in the direction of the tornado instead of a straight line away.


These changes do not actually alter Zephyr's damages but instead increases the synergy in the kit actually VIABLE in multiple ways and missions. It will allow Zephyr to be once again picked and played regularly without feeling like being a simple jet-stream warframe to rush at the end of the mission and wait while the allies do the rest of the damages, or have to be carried by the weapons. Moreover, the changes I suggest are mechanics and synergies ALREADY presents in other warframes such as Wisp (doubling the range of the shockwave if cast on its reservoirs, or Saryn's various synergies as well, I'm sure you can also find other clear examples of this especially in recent warframes where the synergy in the kit is a lot more developed compared to older warframes).

All these changes together would constitute a small rework and some of them might require more work than others, but most of them have already similar implementations in other warframes hence making it easier to implement similar changes in Zephyr's kit. Once again, these changes do NOT alter Zephyr's actual damages or duration but simply make it a LOT easier to use his kit while also making it more viable, hence avoiding the issue of overpowering it to compensate for the many years of underwhelming performances it had.

Please do vote for the topic to gain traction and fix some of the most annoying issues Zephyr has had since mostly it's inception (mostly centered around its first ability).


[Edit] After some thoughts, I've decided to include a possible complete rework of her first ability [Tail Wind] in a more comprehensive way. This rework goes much further than what is currently suggested and is a 'true rework' instead of some partial modifications. Here is the reworked [Tail Wind] I imagined :


[Tail Wind Reworked]

Current From the ground, charge and release to launch Zephyr into an airborne hover. From the air, tap to dash forward, or aim down to dive bomb enemies below.

Rework : Tap to propel Zephyr at high speed in a direction, or hold to charge a 'Hover Jump' while on the ground, or to increase the flight speed based on distance traveled while airborne in order to produce a 'Dive Bomb' upon contact with any surface.

Energy Cost : 25 (halved if airborne). 12.5/s when holding (both on the ground and airborne) and increases up to 25/s after 2s.

When Zephyr uses [Tail Wind], it will generate a powerful gust of wind within a 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2 m radius propelling it at high speed (30m/s) in a given direction and allowing it to remaining airborne for ≤ ? / ? / ? / 5 s (previous hover duration but halved). If used from the ground, the direction will be set upward by default. Ennemies hit by the wind will receive 250 / 300 / 400 / 500  Slash bSlash damage and will be knocked down upon contact. The gust wind radius will be referred below as 'Contact Radius' and serves as the basis for the normal use of Tail wind, the Hover Jump as well as the Dive Bomb.

  • Air speed and dash duration are affected by Ability Duration.
  • Airborne time (previously 'hover time' + Aim Glide) is affected by Ability Duration.
  • Contact damage is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Contact radius is affected by Ability Range.
  • Casting Tail Wind while Zephyr is airborne halves the energy cost, which is affected by Ability Efficiency.
  • If cast from the ground, aiming at any direction propels Zephyr forward. Holding the ability key (default 1) instead prepares Zephyr for a 'Hover Jump' technique. If held while airborne, will instead lead to a 'Dive Bomb' technique. 
  • Each Tail Wind dash resets Aim Glide, allowing Zephyr to perform this maneuver repeatedly without landing.
  • Zephyr executes different aerial combat techniques with Tail Wind depending on the activation conditions:
    • [Hover Jump]
      • While Zephyr is on the ground, holding the ability key (default 1) for up to 3 seconds will cause Zephyr to brace and increases the 'Contact Radius' of its gust of wind for liftoff. Once fully charged, Zephyr skyrockets upward and inflict 250 / 300 / 400 / 500 Impact b Impact damage as well as a knockdown to ennemies in range. The distance traveled and radius of impacts after 1s of charge is equal to the distance and contact radius of a normal Tail Wind and is proportionally increased for each second passed (capped at 3s), effectively multiplying the distance traveled by 1x / 2x / 3x and the impact radius from 2 / 4 / 6 m at max rank.
      •     Jump damage is affected by Ability Strength.
      •     Explosion radius is affected by Ability Range.
      •     Airborne time (previously 'hover time') IS affected by time duration.
      •     Charging animation speed is affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift.
    • [Dive Bomb]
      • While Zephyr is airborne, holding the ability key (default 1) will increase Zephyr's flight speed starting from an initial speed of 2 / 4 / 6 / 12 meters per second, until impact with any surface (ground or structures). On impact, Zephyr creates an explosion in a radius equivalent to the 'Contact Radius' around the landing point that inflicts 250 / 300 / 400 / 500 Impact b base Impact damage, as well as Knockdown all enemies in range. The flight speed, contact radius and damages are all proportional to how long the ability was held down, reaching the maximum values after 3s (capped), reaching a maximum speed of 12 / 24 / 36 m/s, a maximum damage of 500 / 1000 / 1500 Impact b impact damages, and a maximum radius of 2/4/6 m.
      •     Base damage is affected by Ability Strength, while initial speed is not.
      •     Damage bypasses obstacles in the environment and does not decrease with distance.
      •     Explosion radius is affected by Ability Range.
      •     Tail Wind will only activate Heavy Impact if the required height is achieved.
    • Activating Tail Wind multiple times allows Zephyr to propel herself farther into the air, effectively simulating flight. There is a slight cooldown between activation.
    • Can be used to pass through Laser Barriers unharmed in most cases.
    • Zephyr is vulnerable to crowd control via staggers and knockdowns while using Tail Wind.
    • Casting Tail Wind interrupts reloading.
    • Air current visual effects and hover jump charge meter are affected by Zephyr's chosen Warframe energy color.
    • [If Turbulence is active, the default value for the 'Contact Radius' becomes the same value as Turbulence].
    • [While Airborne, Zephyr will move similarly to an Archwing -or to Titania's Ultimate ability- for as long as he remains airborne].



The main part of this rework is the fact that the radius of all aspects of the ability are all based on the initial 'Contact Radius' which is affected by ability range and has an increased synergy with Turbulence. This effectively 'reduces' the base range of Hover Jump and Dive Bomb (6m after charging for 3s compared to the current 7m by default at max rank without having to charge) however this is a perfectly sensible trade-off considering the increased synergy with Turbulence which will increases that value by a sensible amount (effectively tripling the range while Turbulence is active). Moreover, Dive Bomb then becomes more straightforward to use and will have great synergy with the Heavy Impact mod, making this ability actually viable. Hover Jump damages are NOT increased by the charge time contrary to the Dive Bomb. The reason for it is that Hover Jump is the initiation while Dive Bomb should be like a 'nuke'. Zephyr is a lot stronger in the air so while using hover jump you gain the airborne advantage while when using dive bomb you sacrifice it for increased damages in comparison, which is perfectly logical.

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