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No Tennocon Rewards


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This is posted in hopes the DE team see's

I had hoped waiting the week would mean I would of gotten the tennocon 2019 rewards for watching for an hour total for the 30 minutes for the Ephemera and Nekros Prime. I however watched the twitch stream from start to finish.  I feel as if i wasted my time as I haven't gotten these rewards as of yet. I am not sure if this was the problem but i had linked my PSN account to my Twitch a couple hours before Tennocon 2019 in which I not only signed in on my PC but on my PS4 aswell.  I'm unsure if checking that i was there is still possible but i had messaged a few times saying what everyone was spamming with the "!" marks cause i thought i needed to aswell. If checking is possible my twitch name is ragzerius. Is anyone else having my same issue? Please leave a comment.

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Yeah, I was hopeful when they said they were running a script to fix it, but I still haven't received either of the rewards. I checked before the streams started to ensure that my Twitch and Warframe accounts were linked. I do have a PC account as well, but it is in no way shape or form connected to Twitch or any other service

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