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Possible Changes to Some Existing Game Modes


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These ideas are not fully fleshed out obviously they’re just in a basic state so that I could put them on the forums and see what y’all think about this. I do feel heavily that they should work more on what’s in the game and tweak it better rather than just adding something and leaving in a meh state so they can start work on something else to add that they may just eventually leave behind as well.


Sortie Variant: A second daily Sortie that is more challenging with the enemies starting at 80 and ending at 160. Not only that but instead of it being three missions that you do separately with their own modifiers its three missions you must do back-to-back-to-back with all of them having the same three modifiers active. The rewards for this could be some unique cosmetics or mods as well as the rewards people mostly do Sorties for; rivens, endo, kuva, and legendary cores.

 Index & Rathuum Changes: Turn Rathuum into an endless mission like Index but you bet either Endo or Kuva and which ever of the two you bet is what you receive as a reward for each wave of executioners you defeat. Instead of the missions simply being choosing between a low, medium, or high risk option; instead you should be able to choose the starting level of the enemies and add on positive and/or negative modifiers to the match which will determine your min/max investment amounts (make it easy you can’t invest much and won’t receive much as a reward, you make it hard you can risk more and earn more).  Also with this there should be more corpus and grineer weapon augment mods that drop from the executioners and brokers, as well as every few waves a boss and miniboss versions of an executioner or broker should spawn making you have to eliminate those enemies in order to progress to the next round.

Sanctuary/Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Variant: For changes for these two game modes I feel that simply the “fluff” rewards of Captura scenes should be removed and instead be available purchases from Simaris. The variant idea is for ESO and is what I call the “Sanctuary Trial”; the thought behind this is instead of you just jumping from sim to sim killing enemies to keep efficiency up, now there will be a bonus objective you must do such as say a data stream that you must protect from enemies while you wait for the portal to open or say some of the enemies spawning are actually capture targets you must get and you must capture a certain number before the portal opens etc. etc.

Arbitration Changes: With Arbitrations I feel that how long it takes to get Vitus Essence and the amount needed for the rewards from the vendor is just not worth it. What I would like is that you still get your mission reward every two cycles (ex: 10min in a survival), but Vitus be given every one cycle (ex: 5min in a survival). Not only that but a possible reward for rotations B and C be 5x Vitus and as well that Ayatans be removed from rotation C. Also some unique variants of some existing weapons or even new weapons as purchases with Vitus would be great addition as well.

Eidolon Hunting: This idea is more for just dumb fun than anything else to make Eidolon hunts more crazy. What if we could buy a really expensive item from Onkko that you can only use once a day that you took to that Orokin balcony in the center of Cetus and it released a fog that blacked out the sky for a whole day/nigh cycle on the Plains, but not only that Teralyst don’t stop spawning either as in like 5 Teralyst are up at all times and if you use shards to summon a Gauntalyst or a Hydrolyst now those have a chance of randomly spawning somewhere on the Plains as well.

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I like your idea for rathuum and that other sortie but for sortie what about players leaving early?

-PoE item should at least be considered might be cool. That might be a good way to get more ppl doing Arbitrations. 

-Biggest prob I have with ESO is that 99% of the community has the mentality of saryn or fail and for good reason. Now yes her abilities have always been strong and a few patches ago they said we didn't buff her it was always meant to do 4x not 2x dmg. Ultimately tho efficiency drops far too fast if she isn't on the team. Sure excal, Mesa and maybe volt can keep it up but not as good. I like your side objective idea though.

-To add to this I'd like to suggest other mission variants(simularcrom if need be) where instead of just constantly scaling enemies up over time we see smarter enemy AI maybe playing more tactical or using other ways to remain unaffected by warframe abilities, or just dmg or just the status effects. Maybe we can see a mode where a mini boss show up every so often(10min or 10 waves)with a buff for the enemies. Maybe simaris makes himself a stalker clone but xant figure out how to get it to negate our abilities so he beefs it up a bit. 

'Deep void' missions- any OG tenno remember farming primes in the void but since relics you likely dont use the void too often. Here when selecting mission we can take a relic with but since we'll be so deep in the void it should open w/o need for reactant! Um like the OP this is an idea in progress feel free to add to it 😉

Would really like to see other endgame type missions though, Challenging missions we can do that even if we fail our time isn't wasted and can still leave with decent rewards. I feel like that was the goal with arbitrations but it didnt work so well

Last thing I can say is what about a rotating game type in the simulacrum that changes every week or 2wks and if we come across something liked by the community it can maybe become another regular mission type. Opens the door to some crazy possibilities if you add in the random boons and stuff like the NM mode conditions. Maybe in some it could be player choice like a training survival that you can set up in some action games idk just fishing around here.



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