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Making fissure prime farming runs great again for Veterans


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As the title says i had an idea for the fissure runs for prime parts farming. ATM we can earn a higher Credit, more exp, and other stuff the Further we get to higher Rotation. AT Rotation 5 we get one refined random relic... So i say what every Veteran think... It is Not worth staying long er, building up his warframe for longer runs... So my Suggestion is as follows


AT the first  full Rotation (A, A, B, C) we have a Bonus on our own relics. Every relic we use gets the first refine lvl. So  every Player is putting its unrefined relics and they get up to the 1st refine lvl. After reaching the wave 40 or 40th Minute we get the 2nd refine lvl... And every relic from our Arsenal, that we choose will get automatically  refined to lvl 2. And after 50/60th wave or 50/60th Minute the relics get all to Max refine lvl. Radiant... And this as long as we can stay for every Rotation.. 

If we have an already refined relic, it stays the Same depending on which reine lvl it is. If i use a refine lvl 1 relic and i am AT the Rotation for the 2nd refine lvl, it will be refined to lvl 2. Again it does only lvl up relics that we use for the next Rotation. After the Rotation it will automatically refined up and cracked up for the prime Part. 


This is only a Suggestion. This would make it worth again for  Veteran players to stay in long term endless runs. Because the refine System takes so many time to make them always to the Max its really annoying. Its enough to farm relics and then the run... This is Not a big Bonus it is a time reduction for farming prime parts. But its worth it because many players can open their beloved relics in full for a Hard fight in endless prime farming runs. 

For those who Dont Like to stay for hours in the prime farming, they can go and make the classic way. Going for relics then Going for some prime farming to earn some point for the refining and then Going back to prime farming to use their relics... This is a good and fair Bonus for me.. 


If the Rotation numbers are too low then DEVS can manage the amount of the waves/Minute and stuff. I wanted to clear out that i think this would give vet players a reason to stay longer instead of giving every 5 Rotations one random relic. Its refined but Not worth every 5 Rotations to get one of a random relic AT first lvl or something. The idea is good but i think my solutions would be a good way. 


Sry for my bad English its Not my Main language. And i hope Tennos can discuss this and give some feedbacks. Maybe you have better ideas for fissure missions than me 

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