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QoL Suggestion - Mark Equipped Arcanes as USED when trading.

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Hi, I'd like to request the team to add a feature - When browsing items in inventory, please indicate if an item is currently equipped by the player.

Specifically Arcanes. I know that when we equip our Arcanes, during selection, equipped ones are already marked, BUT, it isn't the case when browsing or more annoyingly - when trading. I almost always have to go back and check if the maxed Arcane I just sold was not used by one of my frames. 

An example, I already have 2 copies of every Eidolon Arcane, I collect and sell the most recently maxed out duplicate. During trading, it would just show three maxed Arcanes with no indication which Arcane is currently in use by which frame. I basically have to go back and check every single frame that use the Arcane and on many occasions, I ended up selling the one my frame was using instead of the one I just maxed out, then having to equip it again frame by frame.

Please add a "USED" marker when selecting trade offering, or add a warning "X is currently in use by Y" when I'm about to trade away an arcane that is in use - the same feature already being used for mods. 

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