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Origin Realignment: War for Peace - Discord Based RP - (Updated 10/6/21) - Combat System Updates


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Consider yourselves warned.


          Thank you to everyone who has stuck through with me in the creation, failures, refinement, and ultimate completion of what I would consider to be my most ambitious and prized project. Your help, input and support helped this get here!


The Fold

    The midnight stars shone dim light on a battered and bruised Warframe as it limped up from the beach towards the center of Cetus. The xartaan lamps lining the thick stone slabs used as steps cast eerie shadows across the Warframe’s body as it progressed on, scaring off a few Ostrons meandering about. It was an odd sight, a Warframe so badly damaged and armed with dirty weapons; deep cuts ran down its arms, its chest peppered with a few bullet holes and one leg was missing a significant chunk of flesh, the edges of which had been charred as if a small explosion had blown that portion of its leg off. It labored up each step in stoic silence when suddenly a soft but older feminine voice called out from its right, near the houses.
    “Ai yo, Tenno! You look like you got on the wrong end of a flenser’s blade.”
    The Warframe paused mid step then turned to look in the direction of the voice. Its neuroptics picked up an older woman, bundled up in a warm-looking coat, gesturing in an excited manner, and beckoning the Warframe over.
    “Come, come, sit with Old Uungya. Let me bandage your wounds kruna metta. Perhaps I’ll even put on a pot of chimurr, cut a maprico and rahd pepper.” The old woman, clearly not willing to accept no for an answer, hastily walked over to the Warframe before it could object then, with a delicate touch, took hold of its right hand and elbow. Gently tugging the Warframe after her, offering a warm, maternal smile, she led it off the stone steps and up the dirt road that ran along the outside of Cetus’s town center, past several houses to a small hut nestled snugly against a rocky wall running around the exterior of Cetus. As soon as they entered the hut, she released the Warframe, pulled out a small stool and pointed with the authority only an experienced, loving mother could possess.
    “Here Tenno, here, sit. Make yourself comfortable.”
    The Warframe looked at the stool, then at her for a moment. This hesitation sparked Uungya to point again more forcefully, now with a raised eyebrow accompanied by an only slightly more stern gaze. The Warframe took a couple steps forward before sitting down on the slightly too small stool, causing its knees to partially hunch up to its chest. It laid its hands on its knees and watched the old woman take her coat off and hang it on a hook by the door as she closed it behind them.

Sensing the tenseness of the Warframe in the air around them she turned offering a warm smile as she spoke.
    “Ahh, it’s okay now Tenno, you’re safe among friends here. I take it based on how beat up you are and by the weapons you carry you’ve been wandering for days.” Uungya’s voice carried a soft, melodic lit as she spoke, and the Warframe visibly relaxed with each word.

Uungya moved over to a small table and shelf then pulled off a small pot with water, sprinkled some leaves into it, and set it on a small metal grate covering a fire pit set in the middle of the house. She tossed on another couple logs before turning once more to the shelf, pulling a small plate, a knife, a maprico, and a red pepper. She sat across from the fire on her own stool then started cutting the food items she collected and looked at the Warframe.
    “Truly, a Tenno awakening is a joyous, joyous utz!” She offered another smile to the motionless Warframe staring at her and her smile faded as she looked back to the fruit she was cutting.
    “But I imagine you have some questions. Especially about why you can’t hear her voice, yes? Ai yo, what a hard way to wake up from a centuries long nap…”
    After a few minutes of silence between the two of them, broken only periodically by the crackling and popping of the fire, she spoke again, looking at the Warframe.
    “Oh Tenno, Old Uungya here has heard many a story told by my mother, her mother, and her mother’s mother, dating all the way back to the Collapse... it looks like you need someone to tell you what has happened while you were sleeping.”
    She stood, set her plate and knife on the stool, then moved over to her bed and pulled a small wooden box out from underneath. She opened it while stepping over to the Warframe, pulling out some bandages and wrappings before kneeling beside it.
    “Kruna metta, let me see that arm.”
    The Warframe held its arm out to her watching her calmly, taking a short glance into the box, noticing that there were a few more bandages, some form of disinfectant, and another phial of an unknown liquid.
    “Ah dah-dap Tenno,” She said as she took its arm gently in her hands and started wrapping the gashes with the bandage. “Now, the first thing you need to know is that the number of Tenno are few, few utz. It’s a lot more dangerous out there now that she, the Lotus, is gone…”

Several minutes of silence lingered in the air between the woman and the Warframe while she tenderly wrapped the Warframe’s lesser wounds, tied firm knots at the ends before placing her hands on her hips and nodding in satisfaction at her work. The Warframe lifted its arm, examining the bandage gingerly before lowering its arm and looking back to Uungya. She nodded, offering a soft smile in return.
    “I may not be the best healer in Cetus but years of bandaging my children’s cuts and scrapes from their little adventures lent me at least some skill.” She chuckled, gently slapping her thigh before reaching back into the box for more bandages. “Ai, how I miss them…”
    She trailed off, a twinge of sadness mingling with her otherwise cheery tone. Another few moments of silence permeated the air between them, empowered by Uungya’s former statement while she cleaned and packed the enormous wound in the Warframe’s leg.
    “The world has only become more dangerous, what with the Grineer and Corpus warring over the system. There used to be many more of your kind out there a year or so ago.” She reached back for the box sitting near her leg, finding nothing, save an empty space once filled. She frowned and looked beside her in confusion before the Warframe caught her eye. It was delicately holding her box over its leg offering it to her in silence with a slight gesture.
    “Ai Tenno, you precious child, thank you.” She offered a mellow smile to the Warframe before her and took the wrapping she needed from the box to resume her work on its leg.
    “A few weeks after she left, the remaining Tenno formed… Ai, what was it, three? Four? Ehh, we’ll say three, that sounds right. Anyway, the Tenno formed organized clans not long after the Lotus disappeared.
    The Origin’s Chosen were a faction of warriors, some of the finest the Origin System had seen since the days of the Orokin. They banded together launching brutal, uncompromising strikes against the Grineer and Corpus, gaining ground at a rate that surprised everyone in the system. We never knew Tenno could fight in such an organized way. The Lotus had always used them so sparingly… Ah well, anyways, the Origin’s Chosen were the backbone of the newly united Tenno forces, leading the charge into every battle.
    Their main counterpart was a faction called Dawn of Absolution. They believed the key to ending the war in the system was not through ruthless killing until the enemy surrendered, but through  diplomatic outreach and negotiations. Don’t misunderstand though, the Tenno of this faction were not above fighting, they just desired to try more peaceful methods before the battles broke out. They clashed with the Chosen over every new battle, and often sat out missions because the Chosen were so unwilling to reason with the Grineer and Corpus. Ultimately, Absolution was left with no choice but to fight alongside the Chosen, as the actions of the latter broke down any hope of diplomatic possibility Absolution had.”

Uungya’s brow furrowed and her eyes hardened in anger as she continued, her voice quivering from some deep emotional turmoil.

“Then there was Atonement.” She spat vehemently on the ground after speaking the name. “Those ito-da were backstabbing traitors! They fought alongside the Chosen and Absolution, always deferring to the Chosen in conflict. They seemed to be fully invested in ending the war in the Origin System, but we didn’t know their true motives until it was too late utz. Atonement had been meeting with the Corpus and Grineer in secret, plotting with them to bring about the downfall of the Tenno in the system. They gave up the hidden base locations of their own clan, those of the Chosen and Absolution in addition to a promise to help destroy their sister clans.”

She bound the Warframe's leg in the bandage, firmly tying the knot, then closed the box. As she stood, lifting the box and cradling it close as she carried it back to the bed, she continued.

"The Tenno of Absolution and the Chosen looked like they would win, back before we knew what Atonement had done. They had destroyed hundreds of Grineer and Corpus vessels as well as hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of soldiers as well…” Uungya made her way back around the fire pit in the center of the room to her chair, sighing as she sat down. After a moment of silence, she picked up the plate and knife resuming the paring she had previously started. As she sat down, her eyes took on a distant, hazy look almost as if reliving a memory. The silence between her and the Warframe lasted several minutes, interrupted only by the occasional pop of the fire. When she spoke next, her voice quivered and the Warframe could tell she was fighting back tears.
    “After several months of constant warring, the clan leaders decided to meet and discuss the final stages of their plan to take down the Corpus and Grineer leadership. Ai, Tenno, this is when it started… The Fold. The Tenno of Atonement launched their plan during that meeting. The members of Atonement, those ito-da, attacked and slew the leaders of the other two clans. They then, under the guise of the now slain leaders, ordered every Tenno from their respective factions back to their clan halls declaring that there was an emergency at each clan’s individual headquarters...” Uungya’s voice had reached a breaking point but she pressed on through gentle sobs and the tears streaming down her face.
    “The leaders of Atonement then signaled the Grineer and Corpus to bring in their fleets. One by one, as they returned to the space around their homes, the Tenno were destroyed by Grineer and Corpus minefields. Those that survived the initial explosions were quickly eliminated by the respective fleets stationed around the clans...” She paused for a moment, attempting to wrestle control of her emotions before continuing. “Together with the help of Tenno from Atonement, the Grineer and Corpus destroyed the other two clan bases and slaughtered any of those who were already within the clan halls… Hundreds, maybe even more than a thousand Tenno were killed in the span of an hour… The only good thing to come out of that was that the Grineer and Corpus turned on Atonement not long after, wiping them out as well.”
    Uungya set her plate and knife down then covered her face with her hands. She leant on her knees, shoulders shaking softly from muffled sobs. The Warframe regarded her in silence, processing everything she had just said before standing. It took two steps past the fire pit, knelt beside her, and gingerly laid a hand on her far shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. Uungya leaned into the Warframe, resting her head against the side of its chest and shoulder. After a few minutes of quiet crying, she looked up at the Warframe and offered a pained smile.
    “Ah, dah dap Tenno. The events of the last few months hurt us all, especially the fact that... well... Perhaps that is something for you to learn another day.”
    Uungya took a deep breath and straightened her posture. The Warframe pulled its hand away and stepped back to its stool, sitting down once more, resuming its silent observation of the woman.
    “It has been hard these days Tenno. Ever since the Fold, the Grineer and Corpus have been at each other’s throats with even more aggression than before. Here on the plains, the Grineer are getting bolder every week and the number of Tenno in the system are so few... I fear that the few Tenno we have living here with us will be overwhelmed soon. I believe that there are only a few hundred Tenno in the system remaining and most of them are laying low. There are five here in Cetus now, thank the Uunum for her mercy…”
    She sat in silence again, seemingly lost in thought for a few moments before making direct eye contact with the Warframe’s neuroptics, her gaze intense, but not aggressive.
    “Well, that’s enough about the past. It is time to look forward to the future. We aren’t dead yet, and as long as there is at least one Tenno in the system, we all have hope! Let me tell you about some of the more recent developments in the system.”
    She picked up her plate and started eating some of the food she had finished preparing, speaking between bites.
    “While the majority of the Tenno have chosen to lay low for fear provoking the Grineer and Corpus, a few brave souls have decided to pave new ways in the world and new rebel factions have been born from the chaos of previous months. The first faction that I became aware of is named Akopkeya.” She stopped, made a face, and frowned. Her accent was heavy enough that the name sounded nothing like what it should. She continued, a glimmer of amusement in her voice as she did. “Apologies Tenno, I’ve never been particularly good with pronouncing those Corpus names. A-kop-ke-ya... There, yes, that’s a little better. They are incredibly secretive and most people know next to nothing about them, only that they are probably one of the only truly neutral groups in the Origin System. They offer advanced medical services to anyone who can afford it and don’t discriminate on race or position. I’ve heard rumors that high ranking Corpus and Grineer have been treated by them, but no one can confirm that. A lot of people are honestly not sure what to make of that. Many view them as traitors for helping the enemy, while others see what they’re doing as a small first step in normalizing relations. Me? I think they’re playing a dangerous game that could get them killed. If you’re looking to help people without killing, they might be willing to take you in but getting in touch with them is also tricky. They’re always moving from planet to planet, meaning we never know when or where they’ll show up next... ”
    She took several bites of food and poured herself a cup of chimurr from the kettle then offered one to the Warframe who refused at first. After an insistent look, similar to when they had been commanded to sit, the Warframe took the cup and cradled it in its hands, watching Uungya in silence. Whether or not her stories had it enraptured she had no clue and didn’t seem to care.
    “The next group I learned about is called Purgatory. They were a nasty bunch for the longest time. Causing all manner of mayhem and terror across the system and from what we know, they worshipped a specific Tenno for reasons the Uunum only knows. When he awoke, he somehow managed to put an end to their behavior and repurpose them into some kind of philanthropist faction. Allegedly they intend to help turn the Origin System into a paradise, but a lot of people don’t trust them... If you want to try your hand at a less secretive manner of helping people, you might seek them out. I’ve heard they’re quite open to recruiting anyone who wants to join, which seems somewhat foolish, especially considering their history, but the option is available.”
    She took a few more bites from her plate before setting it on the edge of the fire pit and poured herself another cup of chimurr, sipping it slowly before looking back at the Warframe.
    “The third group, and from what I can tell the most recently organized, goes by Nameless Redemption. They’re a radical militant group led by a pair of Tenno hell bent on ending the war across all fronts. They hold similar ideologies to the Origin’s Chosen, but they lack anywhere near the strength the clan had. The difference between them and the Chosen is they have Corpus and Grineer defectors working with them. Truth be told, they’ve caused a fair bit of trouble for us here on Earth. Their actions are beginning to anger the Grineer and travellers are saying that Grineer security across the planet is getting tighter because of it, making it harder for traders to safely make it here. Khanung Tenno, I’d recommend avoiding them unless you can handle yourself in a fight. They get into a lot of those and many of their people have died as a result.”

Uungya raised her cup, finishing off the chimurr in a couple gulps before standing, taking her now empty plate and holding her hand out to the Warframe, beckoning for it to give her the cup. The Warframe obliged immediately this time, and passed her the cup before resting its hands on its knees again. Uungya carried the dishes to the small table and set them inside a small bucket. She lifted the bucket, carried it to the edge of the door, set it down on the ground and turned to the Warframe, offering it a sleepy smile.

“I know, I know, I’ve told you a long tale and you have much to think about. You can stay here for the night if you would like. I have an extra bedroll you can use.”
    The Warframe slowly nodded its head and stood as Uungya walked over to her bed again and took the medicine box off the top and slid it underneath once more. As she withdrew her hand, she pulled out a large bedroll from under the bed and carried it to the other side of the fire pit, placing it on the ground then kneeling behind it.
    “You know Tenno, it’s been awhile since I had the pleasure of hosting a new face.” She looked up at the Warframe, which nodded. Fatigue was evident on her face as she smiled again. “Thank you for listening to my story. While it’s not much, I certainly hope it helps you find a starting point on your journey.”
    She untied the knot on the bedroll and gave it a small push, unravelling it on the floor alongside the far wall of the house, then rose to her feet.
    “Ai! I forgot! She made me promise to give this to you!”
    Uungya hurried over to the small table beside the bed and opened a hidden door, pulling out a small data pad.
    “I don’t know exactly how this is supposed to work, she told me to simply lock onto your signature and it would send if I swiped it towards you... “ After a couple moments of tapping at the pad, she located the file she was looking for and swiped her finger towards the Warframe and its head turned slightly as if catching sight of something.
    “Ai, it looks like it worked. Alright, Tenno,” Uungya yawned and handed the data pad to the Warframe. “I need to rest. This old body of mine tires faster and faster each cycle. I don’t know if you can or even do sleep, but feel free to make yourself at home. Good night, Tenno.” A moment later she slipped under her blankets, rolled over to face the wall, and was silent.
    The Warframe stood and regarded the old woman in silence for a few minutes, reflecting on everything she had told it before walking over to an open space against the wall of the hut and sitting down. It held the data pad in one hand, selecting the single file displayed on screen and was greeted by a young female face.
    “Greetings Tenno. This is what you are…”



After a long night of listening, learning and reflection, the Warframe’s thoughts were interrupted by thin wisps and beams of pale golden light seeping through the cracks in the walls and under the door. Standing slowly, the Warframe walked over to Uungyas bedside and placed the data pad on the table before delicately placing a hand on the sleeping woman’s shoulder. A sign of thanks, farewell, or perhaps both. After a moment of silence watching over the old woman, the Warframe walked quietly to the door and opened it, stepping out into the pale sunlight just barely cresting the horizon. It was a new, dangerous world than the one they knew before, but also a world full of opportunities and choices. The warframe looked down at the single, chiseled stone step it was standing on; a barrier between it and the diverging dirt path beyond. It looked up and down the road to either side, its gaze lingering in each direction briefly before taking the first step.





Introduction & Roleplay Rules

Welcome to Origin Realignment! This is a tabletop RPG/written roleplay hybrid based on Discord that imports the functionality of Warframe to a text based format and modifies it to allow more creative freedom than the game itself allows. This RP system was specifically designed to allow people who don’t have easy/regular access or time to devote to actually playing the game, but have maybe 10-20 minutes of time to make a couple of RP posts.

We aren’t looking for people who just want to join any old RP to have laughs and jokes. We’re collectively writing a story, and looking for individuals with a deep respect for the Warframe universe. Joining and roleplaying with this group requires willingness to follow rules and create high quality creative content, as well as enough time to interact with the community and RP world to help our story grow.

Like any other serious RP, this one too has rules. In order to save space, I’d like to ask you all to follow the link below to our clan drive folder to view them. I recommend you review them before submitting a character application.

It is also of critical importance that you go over our lore folder and familiarize yourself with our interpretations of the game's lore.


That being said, if you still desire to take the plunge and join the story of Origin Realignment, we welcome your curiosity and urge you to read on!


Character Creation




It’s our intent to give players the option to create diverse and interesting characters. It goes without saying that you need to have a firm grasp in the Warframe lore in order to submit an application. Players have the option to play as either Tenno or non Tenno characters from the Corpus, Grineer, Ostron, or Solaris group. In addition, we’re giving players the option to create up to three characters, one primary and one secondary. The primary character can be either a Tenno or a non Tenno and the secondary can also be a Tenno or non-Tenno. Players who choose to be a non Tenno primary cannot have a Tenno character as a secondary. We're also allowing tertiary characters that are non-Tenno.
If you want a Tenno secondary, you must write up a bio for that character as if they were a primary character and submit it along with your main character or in a separate post from your initial application post should you choose to create them at a later date. If you use up this secondary slot for a non-Tenno and have a tertiary character, you cannot create a secondary Tenno character, so think this all out before you go about making characters. Your characters should all fit in with the overall narrative, although making your secondary and/or tertiary characters rivals to your character is acceptable.


We use the DnD character alignment chart for character creation. The following alignments are what we support:

Lawful Good - Self sacrificing, helps good people no matter how trivial the issue.

Lawful Neutral - Helps  good or bad people, as long as balance is maintained

Tempered Good - Helps good people, but only for important issues

True Neutral - Generally lazy and only helps people if it helps themselves

Chaotic Good - Would nuke a town with innocents to kill a hostile army

Chaotic Neutral - Acts purely on impulse with no care for consequence


    Chaotic characters CANNOT be a default starting alignment. If a player wishes to have a chaotic aligned character, their RP style and methods must first be observed by administration before they are approved to begin character development on that path. You need to know how to properly manage a borderline villain character, RP with maturity and respect, and treat everyone else with maturity and respect before we will let you play as a chaotic aligned character.

    This link is to the template for character creation. You can copy the text to wherever you want to work on your character bio.

    Please note, if your submission post has too many grammatical or spelling errors, or looks like it was poorly thought out and executed, your submission will be ignored until its completed properly. Your bio should contain at least 3 full paragraphs of information. You can choose to discuss whatever you want within the bio, but my recommendation is to cover.
1. How your character became a Tenno
2. What happened to them/what they did during the Old War
3. What they have been doing since they awoke.


    You have two options to submit an RP application. You can either submit your bio to the forum post directly, OR, you can create a google doc of your own and share the link to it with us. Please make sure you allow people to comment on the document so that our administration can make notes of improvements or adjustments that your bio needs.
This video is a walkthrough (If you need it) on how to create a link allowing us to view and comment on your submission:




RP Combat & Player Skills


As previously mentioned, this RP is a hybrid cross between tabletop play and roleplay. Because of this, the RP needed a way to enact combat and missions in a structured way for serious missions. We have two different types of combat. One is the boss fight method, which is used exclusively for fighting high priority targets like Grineer and Corpus commanders. The other is used mainly for “dungeon diving” or mission running, where a mission’s encounters and events are determined entirely by dice rolls. Furthermore, there is also a concise yet diverse skill sheet for player characters that affects how they interact with the world around them, allowing for potentially miraculous victories, or catastrophic failures. While this may seem initially daunting, once you familiarize yourself with it, both systems are relatively easy to use.


Colonies and the Market System



As with the player made factions, this RP also supports the creation of small player made colonies to keep the Origin system alive and interesting. These colonies can directly impact certain players or player made factions over the course of the RP. Each member of the group is able to create a maximum of two colonies. Events surrounding these locations are governed by a special branch of our administration to keep them interesting.

The market system adds a general place for players to buy and sell resources using credits and ducats. This is mainly used for players who desire to take a deep dive and make the absolute most out of the RP possible. This is managed by another branch of our staff and experiences inflation and deflation based on user activity. Players also have the ability to “farm” for prime resources and ayatan relics. Worry not though. There is a system in place that will allow players to potentially collect multiple items from the same prime set.



    If you have ANY questions, send a message on Discord to TacticianMatt#1582. Please make sure your message settings allow people NOT on your friends list to message you. I am no longer accepting friend requests from random people on Discord. Alternatively, you can message me here on the forums, but I don’t recommend using that method as I only check the forums once every couple days. I’m on Discord 24/7, so if you want a semi immediate response, that’s the best place to contact me. If your application is accepted, you will be notified in a response forum post, and DM’d an invite link.


    Thank you for reading this entire forum post! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the unique content you have to offer our story!

Current member count: 12


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Your bio has been reviewed and accepted provided you make the requested adjustments left in the comments of the doc. Send me a DM when you're finished and I'll give you an invite link to the Discord server after I review it again!



Your bio has been reviewed and accepted. I'm excited to see your character develop!

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Hope you and all are well!
Been looking forward to coming back on to RP and to Warframe if you would have me still.

Here is the Character Sheet (I think I done this right >< )  

I hope you like him and if they is something a miss, I gladly fix it :  )

Looking forward to hear from you.


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1 hour ago, SpectralCobalt said:

This is actually pretty awesome looking.  Considering joining in.
Is it possible for anyone to join the DIscord and talk to you first?

Join the discord to talk to all of us as a whole? Or just to talk to me?



Welcome back old fried! Your bio has been reviewed and accepted!

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This looks really interesting! Would it be possible to join the Discord and look at what's already been done, or would it be preferred if I made a character and was prepared to start roleplaying?

Here is my primary character sheet. I'm also going to make a secondary character, who is the grineer featured in this sheet's bio. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fwjTWtVtnr0Ulkz_BJAZM3slUcybyVK6ZpZH7nmXRmc/edit?usp=sharing

My secondary character's sheet. Both sheets contain captura scenes of the characters. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1omAEuMbV3JoZ6XeI8rgaCPRnhVq85uTU7kz849YGQmc/edit# 

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21 hours ago, NaetoVas said:

This looks really interesting! Would it be possible to join the Discord and look at what's already been done, or would it be preferred if I made a character and was prepared to start roleplaying?

Edit: I've started making a few characters

Edit Edit: How long after Natah's disappearance does the story take place?

Edit Edit Edit: Here is my primary character sheet. I'm also going to make a secondary character, who is the grineer featured in this sheet's bio. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fwjTWtVtnr0Ulkz_BJAZM3slUcybyVK6ZpZH7nmXRmc/edit?usp=sharing

Edit Edit Edit Edit: My secondary character's sheet. Both sheets contain captura scenes of the characters. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1omAEuMbV3JoZ6XeI8rgaCPRnhVq85uTU7kz849YGQmc/edit# 

Your bio has been review and accepted with the suggested changes having been made!

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Progression Update

     The Lith region on Earth has been taken from the Grineer forces and turned over to joint custody between Steel Meridian and Nameless Redemption.
     Little else has happened across he galaxy as the war wages on and the Tenno continue their efforts to stave off chaos.

Nameless Redemption:
     NR forces have successfully taken Earth's Lith region command center from the Grineer forces, marking their first major victory over the Grineer in the Origin System. Lith's landing platforms will make sending and receiving supplies as well as staging air assaults much easier for future battles. With their eyes set on Cambria's data vaults next, NR enters a new planning stage while its forces recover from the battle.

     The leadership of this mobile medical group has contracted with NR to treat their wounded from the battle in Lith. However, NR's forces are not the only people Akopkeya has agreed to treat...

     After hosting an open day for friendly Tenno forces to get to know this former cult turned humanitarian faction they met with representatives from Akopkeya, NR, and various neutrally aligned independent Tenno. Their goals align in part with NR's and a trade deal may be struck between the two factions in the near future.

Origin Rumors:
     A new Corpus subfaction may be in the works. Its intent is unclear, but it may be led by a Tenno whose goals are also unknown...

Technical Updates:
     The combat system has been tested in two forms and is working quite well so far. The next test will be with our dungeoneering system and resource gain.
     RP alert system hasn't been used yet, but will also be seeing some action in the near future.

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  • 3 weeks later...

System/Operational Update

Secondary Tenno Characters:
          After much deliberation on the topic of allowing each person the option of having a secondary Tenno character, we're now allowing old and new members to create a secondary Tenno character. Please reference the Character Creation section in the original post for the full details. Please be aware that the review team for our server will judge secondary characters with the same criteria as a primary character. if you want to ensure your secondary character is accepted, put the same effort into them as you put into your primary and keep the overall narrative of the RP in mind when doing so.

RP Combat & Dungeon System:
          Having just wrapped up the first serious RP that uses the Boss Fight system, I can say that it works very well and still allows creative actions and interactions. As for the dungeon system, other users have started to use it, and while initially slightly confusing, they have learned how it works and can complete their dungeons quite efficiently. One player has even gone so far as to merge normal RP with the dungeon system, and while we're all still trying to get the hang of how it will work, it's proving to be quite a refreshing approach to RP.

Character Skills:
          We've also added new skills and perks to the character skill sheets and removed the restrictions on what skills can be mastered.
          We now have skills dedicated around training and commanding Kubrows and Kavats. Players can now invest skill points into "beast mastery" to increase the effectiveness of their pets on the battlefield! In addition, there are now "Flight" skills for Grineer and Corpus vehicles for those people may enjoy hot-wiring and stealing vehicles from those respective factions.
          On the weapon skills side of things, we added new functionality for a couple of different weapon types, that basically buff them and make them a little more powerful and add a lot of new functionality to the classes.

Pet Skills:
          In addition to the Tenno, organic pets now have their own unique set of skills that allow players to customize and enhance the way their pet behaves in combat. This one is really cool. Imagine a Huras Kubrow that's been trained to rescue downed characters and cloak them during rescue. Thats just one of MANY combos you can make.

          That's it for our technical updates! We've made a lot of progress since the launch earlier this year, and I intend to keep making adjustments and improvements to how everything works, and add new and unique functionalities to the RP where applicable that enhance the experience, not bog it down. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing any future applications!

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FORUM UPDATE: 10/16/2019


It’s a cold morning, Dreamers, but trust. That big ball o’ flame is peeking over the horizon, and the system’s looking to get warm again. Wild happenin’s are going down, and Nora has quite the story to tell.


First thing Nora hears, that lovely rail over Earth has been locked down tight. Don’t know who did it, nobody will say. But you can be sure my credits are on those loons down at Nameless Redemption. Got the Grineer in quite the spin, what with the liberation of Earth and all that. And Nora hears some sneaky whispers about a mysterious association taking in the casualties of that particular raid...


And say, you know who else is in a spin? One particularly nasty piece of work, Vay Hek, on account of his flagship going down in flaming bits over Eidelon plains. And now Nora’s hearing whispers of a true strike against the ugly soul. He’s pulled a good few forces close in, which of course just tells Nora that he’s scared as a kuaka. And baby, she’s got her fingers crossed tight that this time he’ll be gone for good. 





1. The Grineer forces on Earth are in a state of panic as a result of the solar junction being shut down and locked by an unknown entity.


2. Vay Hek is in a tizzy over his genetic details, which were stored on his flagship, being destroyed. He has pulled in several detachments of Grineer forces for increased protection.


3.  Note that Vay Hek has lost all of his saved genetic data in a series of raids against his ship and the Kuva fortress, and that if he dies now, he's dead for good.


4. NR is getting ready to kill Vay Hek and escalate their takeover of Earth.


5. Akopkeya has taken in some of NR's wounded from the battle of Lith


6. Purgatory's status is unchanged

7. The whispers of the corpus subfaction continue to grow...



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System/Operational Update

Faction System Redesign:

With the start of our RP to take down vay Hek once and for all, I realized that there were somethings I wanted to do in the RP with my faction that were not possible with the old faction system. As a result, I ended up COMPLETELY redesigning the faction system from the ground up and rebalanced the faction EXP and way they operate.

What's new:

          Specializations: We have 11 completely unique specializations that players can use to customize their faction! Want to be a warmonger that utterly destroys Corpus & Grineer facilities? Choose the Combat Specialization. Wanna be a Pirate faction? Plundering Corpus supply lines? Choose a combination of Smuggling, Fleet, and Combat Specializations and grow your power in space. Player factions can even choose to go the non-combatant route and even build colonies and terraform planets with a couple of our specializations. And those just some of the ones we came up with! I'm open to ideas about adding brand new specializations to further increase customizability.

          Specialization Points: As your faction levels up, it gains points you can spend towards training your factions skill in many areas. Your faction can be a jack of all trades, or it can really knuckle down and excel in a couple areas, the choice is up to you.

          Personnel Points: This is an easy way for you (and I) to keep track of how many people are in your faction. This increases as your faction levels up, can even increase when you help out neutral colonies in the Origin System. You can even get bonus population points when you level up for having good Origin System standing (similiar to the Syndicate Standing system in game)!

          Faction Buildings & Fleets: This was a brand new addition to the faction system that I think will really add some more spark to how it all works. Factions can now choose to build Outposts and colonies on ANY planet in the Origin System where they have influence. This requires a fair amount of resources and credits for each, but the bonuses you can reap from building said structures are well worth the cost. The more advanced structures aren't quite finished yet as I've been juggling a lot of administrative work and have had to prioritize some thing what with Vay Hek's soon coming demise but when this is done, expect customization options on par with the faction specialization system.

Archwing Combat Introduction

    Some of I wanted to do with this Vay Hek take-down RP is introduce the use of Archwings in our combat system. This isn’t gonna be anywhere near as dizzying as it is in game, so don’t worry. This is currently a WIP, but should be done within the next few days along with the Grendel and Gauss warframe profiles for the combat system.


Loot Tables and Resources

    Having finally run and completed my own little dungeon run, I can confidently say that it works VERY well! Once you get past the initial hurdles of setting things up and understand the dice roll orders, it’s a very easy system that’s very intuitive and allows for some pretty serious personalized customization. It’s not terribly grindy feeling and is overall pretty satisfying.



    Our RP recently introduced a Nightwave segment! We have an anonymous group overseeing broadcast creation, story planning and release times! Our writer(s), as you can see from the Nora__Night post above, are quite  talented and have really captured the essence of Nora Night in their weekly stories. In addition, we’ve also added a junior Nightwave reporter named Kemi Prell (also an anonymous user), who plans to do bi-weekly minor updates to the happenings in the Origin System! Think along the lines of general news like current invasion status, Lunaro, Index, Rathuum team scores, maybe even the occasional interview. Not even I know exactly what they're planning!
For those of you who might be interested in what our Nora Night posts are like, here’s an excerpt from one of Nora’s posts on our Discord server:

“Heads up, Dreamers. Something fresh is zipping down the line. Those corpus fat-cats above the lovely Jovian clouds found something tasty. A void portal, entombed for Seven knows how long under the Europan ice. Open and waiting, not even trying to hide. Maybe it was broken, maybe it was sabotaged, one can only guess. All Nora knows is that this particular gateway opened into a setting I’m sure you dreamers find familiar: a cryo-vault, with a pristine, untouched frame just waiting to wake up. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Some lab-coated crazies tore into the poor thing, splicing and brainwashing their way to their very own murder-crazed Dreamer. Be on the lookout for this “Five,” Dreamers. From what Nora hears, she won’t hesitate to tear you a new one.”



    We’re making some big strides both our story progression and the systematic functions of the RP this month. For those of you that read this update, I thank you for taking the time and look forward to seeing any forthcoming applications!


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System/Operational Update

What's Coming:

Having just finished my current college semester, I now have several weeks of free time to devote to furthering our RP's functionality. This is just a brief update of what is in the works, and possible ways it will function. Nothing mentioned in this post is set in stone but it is a good representation of what I intend to do with the newest additions to Warframe:

Kuva Liches:

          Having had plenty of time to analyze how the Kuva Lich system works in game, I've got a pretty good idea of how this is gonna work. Using a series of dice rolls, a single Kuva Lich will be created to antagonize the Origin System. All active RP members will then have special opportunities to track down and learn the nature of the Requiem incantations required to kill the Lich. Just to be clear, players will not have their own individual Lich. There will be a singular entity that players must work together to kill or convert.


          This may take a little longer for me to fully develop, but Railjacks will, like in game have to be built. This is going to be a HUGE addition to the RP, requiring a whole new combat system for critical missions. I don't have much concretely planned for this, but it will open up a significant dynamic in the RP.

I'll have another update about a month from now, and hopefully Nora will have some juicy story progression stuff hopefully around that time, maybe a little sooner. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to seeing your application if you're interested in what we have going on here!

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On 2019-12-24 at 10:30 AM, Ariandell said:

Your bio and colony has been reviewed and approved by our Review team! Welcome to the RP, Tenno!

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