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Arbitration instant death


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So I just got done playing a few arbitration missions. One was defense and the other was survival. During the defense I played oberon with Phoenix Renewal. All was well and good until we hit wave 8 when a team member died. He was within range of my renewal and the cooldown timer for him was not present. He just up and died with no renewal proc. I carry on thinking I might have forgotten to put it on which later had proven wrong since immediately after I saw the renewal counter on another teammate. After we hit wave 17 I die without warning. No enemies around inside a frost bubble and renewal still up. It was certainly frustrating. But this particular match is not the first time it's happened. These matches are the ones I was just testing to see if I was just mistaken. I did note that each time I died without warning I was bullet jumping. 

My second match I was playing nidus during a survival. I quickly worked up 15 stacks so his passive would proc just incase. About the 12 minute mark a teammate goes down. At this point I have 37 stacks. We get our teammate back up and at the same time another teammate goes down. At this point things get ridiculous. While bullet jumping near no enemies nidus passive procs. I had died. No damage dealt and no enemies. I find a group of enemies and start building stacks. As I am using my 1st ability I die again. No enemies attacking at all. The enemies that are near me are trapped in my 2nd ability. At this moment two teammates are down and we are at 18 minutes. I quickly get 15 stacks and rush over to rez a downed teammate. As I'm traveling to him I bullet jump passed a few enemies dying mid jump my passive procs and my teammate is back up. As I'm trying to build stacks again both of my last standing teammates go down. At this point I just start heading towards extraction. But yet again as I'm bullet jumping past enemies I die again. I have no stacks so mission failed.

There is certainly a pattern of reasons why I kept dying and its unavoidable. Even with my renewal or niduses passive I couldn't effectively complete either mission. This makes this game mode to difficult and unrewarding to play since you lose most of your rewards when failing. I'm not sure how this bug has persisted for so long. They just dropped an update not to long ago but nothing for this bug. At this point I have no desire to continuing to play arbitration until they fix this bug.

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