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Game Crashes in Orb Vallis?

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I'm just starting back after having not played for a while, so excuse me if this has already been answered. I couldn't find something else on it. 

Once I get into Orb Vallis I have a minute or two before the game just freezes and then resets me at the title loading screen and i am back at my ship. The software itslef isn't crashing, and i'm not kicked out of the game, but instead its just back to the pregame loading screen that you'd get from first launching the game. It's really annoying as I want to get back into the game, but I'm not sure how to keep it from crashing like this. Last time I played the Fortuna update wasn't out, so is there a possibility this is a cause? Is there something I need to update? 

Any help would be appreciated, and again, sorry if this is a frequent question. 

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