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Hunting in Plains or Orb Vallis

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When going hunting, sometimes when we find the manure we need to find and press square like it says, the option will disappear as normal and the NPC tells us to follow the tracks, but no tracks appear for some reason, so we cannot find where we need to go. This doesn't happen each time, but it happens frequently.


Other times, we find where we need to go and use the call as instructed, but then no animal will show up. After a while of waiting, the NPC will say there's a sunny pobber or what other animal is supposed to show up, but again, nothing is around. That or when trying to shoot a sawgaw, none of the shots go through despite aiming right at it when it's sat perched on top of some fungus trees. Eventually, it just disappears, never to be found again and there is no message from the NPC saying that it was lost either.

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