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Host Migration In Process


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So i just played like 4 games on Helene-Saturn and in each one of those games i was kicked out with a "Host migration in process" message, the first time i thought it was a real message but then on the next games the same thing happened, idk if im the only one with this problem but is becoming annoying since im farming hell's chamber

Edit: I just played Drunlo-Phobos and the same thing happened

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Personally I think your title for this should have been, "host migration inbound, it's all over"

I just want these connection issues fixed for goodness sakes... and to not get kicked out of a game whenever the host quits of course. Why not let us choose if we want to leave or not?

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Well it's because you keep getting put in missions with A******s who like to go part way through a mission then suddenly quit, causing host migration, which, like you said, often causes complete mission evacuation. It's just bad luck =\

idk just played Xini and guess what, it happened again

and i dont think i have that bad luck to been put in 6 games in a row with "leavers"

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