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H [Warframe inspired music], 0 plat


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To not bore anyone I'll keep this short:
I make music, as of lately including music inspired by Warframe. People listen to music while streaming, and add music to videos they make. I'd be happy to provide.
Now, my question is, where do people play music when streaming and such? Do you use Spotify? SoundCloud? Do you play the tracks in a sound player on your own device? I.e. if someone wanted to use music in these ways, where would it be best if I put it? I could like save up a bunch of them and publish it as an album on Spotify or whatever, or make a Bandcamp page for easy download, etc.
Any ideas about this are welcome, even if you don't appreciate my music in the slightest.

Here's a couple tracks I've done so far, currently sketching a song inspired by kuva. I'm sure I'll make a good bunch more, because I love the themes of this game.


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