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Help me



Hi everyone, I hope you will read this message soon.

I am asking for help for something that has been happening to me on Warframe for a few days, immediately Warframe, I was calm and happy to try Railjack until this message appears: Unable to connect, make sure you have installed Warframe.

now I wonder why the dice of the asking price if I just did it? The version I have of warframe is 1.79, which coincides with yours
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This is sure strange, but just to correct you: The latest update to Warframe is Empyrean: Ivara Prime Update 27.0.4, at your news console it should show this as the latest news that has appeared.

There might be a few possible ways to get you out of this: 

1. Try relaunching the game and launcher: Try Taskmanager'ing it to kill it completely if it doesn't.

2. Once you've done that and are back on the login screen check what is noted under the game's title.

Post image

If you look at this picture you can see above the login-info the game's most recent update name; I highly doubt you're playing The Sacrifice's update, but this might help. It should say "Empyrean"

(Picture source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/99q0dw/i_colored_my_oberon_to_suit_the_login_screen_by/


3. Try reinstalling the game: If it says you don't have the right version a clean reinstall should get you the right one.


Hope this helps!

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