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What happen to the The Saryn bundle for Discord Nitro



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I had the exact same issue but could solve it. But it was a journey...not a pleasant one.

You can check out my Tweets to @Warframe on Twitter when they posted about the last chance to get the Bundle > https://twitter.com/PlayWarframe/status/1205880424813252609

You basically have to download Warframe from the Discord App itself. For some reason Discord didn´t recognize/ accepted my Game, that was installed through Steam and was also correctly connected with Discord.
One more tip: you should be able to redeem your bundle in Warframes Discord (there should be a "Saryn Nitro Bundle" channel listed - if not they probably already removed the bundle) WHILE Discord is installing WF so that you can just cancel the Installation.

Good luck Tenno! ✌️

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