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Railjack Navigation Bug.


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I want to start off by saying that all these new hotfixes didn't really fix anything. The infinite loading screen bug is still there, the archwing inside railjack is still there, the random blackscreen is still there and so many more. Today is the last day I will ever play this update until it is patched properly because this is just insane. I came down to this decision because I spent quite a bit of time farming for Void Clock, which I finally managed to get my hands on BUT, the game decided to bug itself and not let me go back to Drydock. After I finished the mission I selected the Drydock, the ship started making the space-travel-weird-hyperdrive-whatever noise but nothing happened and I ended up being stuck in the ship and having to forfeit the mission, losing all my hard work.

Before you ask: 
1) No my internet is not bad.

2) No the damage on the ship did not influence the navigation panel

3) Yes I've used /unstuck

4) Yes, I also tried host migration thinking it would fix it but it didn't.

Here's the video:


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