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A Little Animation Changes Suggestion For Nova Asuri Skin


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Dear DE,

I would like to request a little changes for the animation of the Nova Asuri Skin as the title menstioned, where players who used the skin should know that when we cast skills, her cast animation shows the floating arms, although no one really care about it or mention it, personally, I felt sad every time I play her with the skin, because I really like the arms animation to be honest, our warframe only require few second to cast skills which the arms will only shown for that few second, it is a very cool animation but because of only able to see it for few second, it kind of felt like the animation is a little wasted for not showing longer, therefore, I suggest making the Nova skill no. 1 - Null Star active the arms animation and vanish together with the Null Star balls animation, so that we could have the arms visual show longer, thank you.




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