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Feedback on the Kuva Lich system


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It's screwed up by murmur/requiem relic farming...

I made my first Kuva Lich a few days ago but I've been so annoyed of having to farm for murmurs and requiem mods that I honestly don't think I'll EVER make a second Lich. Me being annoyed by having to farm these things is quite ironic considering I have a background in Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star Online and farmy/grindy MMOs. Anyways here's my suggestion on how to cut down on the farming or (hopefully) make the farming a bit better.


  • Change how murmurs work. Instead of having to kill hundreds of Kuva Thralls why not make it so that each failed Lich kill automatically gives you one of the 3 murmurs needed for the requiem combination, you will still have to figure the order in which the mods need to placed though but it at least guarantees that you will know which requiems you need by the 3rd failed kill.


  • Remove requiem relics, give relic contents to Kuva Thralls and make them mini-bosses (like Stalker, Syndicate assassins, Wolf of Saturn Six, etc.)  instead of powered up enemies. This will keep them relevant while giving you a better reward than just a sliver that fills a gauge. (Maybe make it so that a random requiem mod is guaranteed with a % of dropping riven slivers, kuva, etc).


I really like the concept that the Kuva Liches bring but it's honestly too much for me and I don't think I'll be touching it anymore until it gets better... 

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