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Kuva Liches Wants Love


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So, Kuva Liches are the epidome of yandere/stalker love interest.

Kill them once, and suddenly. Their grey and boring life turns on itself and you become their whole purpose in existence. They send million of messages wherever possible when they notice you are looking their way. They take stuff from you and hoard it zealously. If you want them to stop with their stalker/yandere actions, you MUST compose a romantic(in their eyes more likely) poem/haiku. But it must be perfect. So, they force you to go and get close and personal with their circle of friends just so you can understand what is the perfect poem/haiku for them.

All the while they hide in the shadows, watching you. Seeing if they should show their love by killing you. Because death is nothing but a word. For he is like you, inmortal.

So, after finishing the poem/haiku. The option comes available. Do you forgive this Lich or kill it? Basically, you kill it, showing how much you love him. Or do you let him become your follower. In which case, they shall follow you forever from the shadows and if you are in some problem they may help you.


In the end. The yandere waifu had made its presense know in Warframe. Poor Stalker, but we all know he is secret yandere waifu(secret and normal waifu ranking are different)


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