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Proxima Missions - doors won't open


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Yeah.. This one is really annoying because it means that the whole mission must be 'restarted' in some way. (Host leaves and rejoins, or the whole squad abort the mission)
As we know from the normal missions, doors can be the hardest and unbeatable enemies in Warframe. If they got bugged, it impact the whole experience of (at least) one player.

If an asteroids is just for the away-crew they can bugged the last door and the mission can't been finished. It happens to me in the same way twice. I went in and hacked the consoles and destroyed the radiators (indoor). 
The last console should open a door in the center, which leads to the room with the last objectiv. If the players are faster (with Gauss, Volt, Nezha,...), they can reach the door before some audio/visual hint would shown off. That locks the door for the objectiv and the session needs to be refreshed or the mission must be aborted by the squad. (I would assume that the arrival before or at the same moment blocks some scripts) 
( I checked the other rooms and notice that other doors would work except the doors in the center of the asteroids which are facing to each other.)

Can we just get an command to refresh a session?
Does someone found a way to fix that kind of situation?

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