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Could we get a Dojo building requirements (tech tree) table created for understanding what we can and can't do, based on connected/prerequisite rooms? 

I'd love to know why I can't delete a child room and only get a msg telling me to delete another component.

I've found browser based Dojo Planner sites but none have information or are up to date with rooms added ages ago. Those of us who need to delete their entire Dojo just to figure things out are truly frustrated. And yet we still get dead-ends and no answers to explain our initial issues. 

The only thing I understand so far, from a lot of research, is that the system is a tree dump. ABCDEF (If F connects to A, you still can't delete room E). This outdated 'parent/child' rooms connectivity is way too stupid to still be a design model in this game, surely?! 

So many of us have raged about this for far too long. We want to be able to design something beautiful without wanting to pull out our hair. 

Something must be fixed, or at least something created to give us guidance as to what is directly connected by means of another room. Whether it be a child or prerequisite that so far has no info within the game. 

We deserve peace of mind in our custom Dojo. Fellow Tenno, unite. 

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