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Clockwork | Time Relevant Warframe


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Clockwork Project (First Draft)

New Warframe - Clockwork


Max HP:

Max Shields:

Max Armor:

Max Energy: 240



Rewind time and cheat death itself.

Prime: There is no wrong path. Rewind time and be reborn.


Ability 1: Timelapse: Dash forwards in time to a point within your sight. Enemies you dash through slowly take damage. Use: 35cS42IIzByPR47vr4lVWs0C9fYKeW7R9YSqFGlApPrP8tPgnqywy_A4-D3JPuP4L5W27v-HqhyOiMwcTh2viDY2AzrOWdrbWjVAJREiPPXmZU1fW4_JmkrwUBhN4GTyC7VKIGL_NB

Ability 2: Time Bomb: Throw a time powered mechanism that freezes enemies in time. They slowly take damage while frozen and are unfrozen after 15 seconds. Use: 60cS42IIzByPR47vr4lVWs0C9fYKeW7R9YSqFGlApPrP8tPgnqywy_A4-D3JPuP4L5W27v-HqhyOiMwcTh2viDY2AzrOWdrbWjVAJREiPPXmZU1fW4_JmkrwUBhN4GTyC7VKIGL_NB

Ability 3: Rewind: Rewind your Warfarme's time to 10 seconds ago, with ammunition, energy, health, and buffs intact. Does not affect enemies, and rebuffs are removed during the rewind process. Cannot be used while dead or while knocked down. Use: 80cS42IIzByPR47vr4lVWs0C9fYKeW7R9YSqFGlApPrP8tPgnqywy_A4-D3JPuP4L5W27v-HqhyOiMwcTh2viDY2AzrOWdrbWjVAJREiPPXmZU1fW4_JmkrwUBhN4GTyC7VKIGL_NB

Ability 4: Wrinkle in Time: Tears a rip in time, sucking enemies from existence. The rip also drains life and energy from nearby enemies from theirs to yours. Use: 25cS42IIzByPR47vr4lVWs0C9fYKeW7R9YSqFGlApPrP8tPgnqywy_A4-D3JPuP4L5W27v-HqhyOiMwcTh2viDY2AzrOWdrbWjVAJREiPPXmZU1fW4_JmkrwUBhN4GTyC7VKIGL_NB. Drain: 20 cS42IIzByPR47vr4lVWs0C9fYKeW7R9YSqFGlApPrP8tPgnqywy_A4-D3JPuP4L5W27v-HqhyOiMwcTh2viDY2AzrOWdrbWjVAJREiPPXmZU1fW4_JmkrwUBhN4GTyC7VKIGL_NB per second.

Passive: Chaos Theory: Health and Energy regenerate more efficiently, you and your allies movement faster, while enemy movement is slowed.


Conclave: ‘Timelapse’ deals slightly less damage when you dash through enemies.

‘Time Bomb’ significantly slows enemies until they are out of the Time Bombs range field.

‘Rewind’ does not rewind with the enemy Cephalon. Using Rewind will either drop the opposing Cephalon or return it if close enough.

‘Wrinkle in Time’ drains health and energy slower, and diverts drained health and energy to allies as well. Will not erase enemy players from existence, but instead transforms into a draining vortex (that looks like a rip, of course).


Favored Weapon: Fang of Ouroboros: A blade with a spiked ouroboros hilt revolving around a Orokin Ayatan blade full of Void energy. The blade of the sword resembles an Ayatan Sculpture. Whenever the blade hits an enemy, it deals Void Corruption damage. An Ouroboros depicts a serpent eating it own tail, often symbolizing rebirth or a new beginning in Greek mythology.


Bundle Introduces Rewind Quandrans.

Rewind Quadrans - Consumed when you have no more Revive chances. Used to rewind your Warframe’s time 20 seconds before you died with Health, Shield, Armor, Energy, and Ammunition intact. 

Quandrans are ancient Roman coins.


Created by User: ArkFade | Warframe IGN: ArkFade | Please do reply with constructive criticism. I would love to edit this and create a full project out of it.

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