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Idea: Converted Kuva Liches as Resource Drones with a twist


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So, I know there are a lot of issues with the Kuva Lich system and I'll won't tackle all of them. However, I have an idea on how to make converted Liches more useful. Now, I haven't sat down and really worked through this idea yet but I wanted to go ahead and throw it out there.

So, currently, when you convert a lich, the only benefit is they will randomly appear as your ally. I know DE has talked about having Liches as Railjack crew but we'll leave that aside.

My suggestion is that they can also act similar to Resources Drones. You assign Resource Drones to a planet and they randomly scavenge for resources on that planet. They lose health while assigned but regain it while back at the ship. So, with Kuva Liches, it would be cool if we can assign a Lich to a planet to scavenge or attack the occupying faction for resources and credits. Another benefit is that if you do a mission on the assigned planet, the Lich will have an increased chance to show up as an ally. The twist is that you have the option to give the Lich a cut of the found credits/resources. The way it would work is that you give them a percentage cut; let's say the maximum cut is 20%. If you give them the maximum cut, they will be happy and never betray you. But as you lower the cut they receive, they have an increased chance of betraying you. I also would like to incorporate their anger meter (same system used when fighting the lich) into the formula for the chance to betray you. The anger meter should be based on their health. So, for example, if you assign the lich to a planet who is already injured, their anger level will increase. This anger level will also increase the chance they will betray you. So, an angry Lich with 0% cut will have the highest chance to betray you. It should still be low since you'll be assigning liches to planets all the time. This is a risk vs reward based system; the higher the cut, the less you get but you retain your Lich or the lower the cut, the more you get but have a small but increasing chance for the Lich to betray you.

Also, even though they lose health while scavenging, they can't die. If their health goes to 0, they simply failed the mission and didn't get you any resources. I say this because it wouldn't be fun to lose the Lich this way.

Now, if they betray you, they have basically kept the resources that you had them scavenge. A new node on the affected planet would open that would be the Lich's home base/fortress. But they know that you can kill them because you learned the right paragon sequence. So, they used the credits/resources that they acquired to increase their power level. The power level should be inversely related to how much cut you allowed them to have. For example, if you set the cut at 0%, they will have the highest power increased since they kept all of the resources. They will then spread to the rest of the nodes on that planet and react like current liches. However, I think they should only spread their influence on the planet that you assigned. You have to go to their home base to defeat them. Their home base will be heavily fortified based on their power level. Once you reach and defeat them, you can again convert them as your ally or destroy them forever. 

I'm sure there are better ways to tweak my idea but thought I would share it.

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