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Chroma Rework


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Chroma needs a rework, a lot of frames in the game nees touches up such as ability damage of ability syngeries between each other, but chroma needs a re address as more and more frames come out and just make him feel worse. 

Staring right off the bat, chroma needs real passive, probably something standard like having buffs effects when taking damage from base elemental.


His 1. I think chromas 4 should be changed into a 1 and that his effigy flies above him instead of being in some random spot. Chroma should gain nothing from just being in his dragon form, but from regaining his pelt, he should have some kind of effect like equinox shifting. His 2 and his 3 need to become one ability, and a toggle with buffs instead of coordinating colors, finally, this is a random idea for a new ultra, but I would have some sort of mechanic with chroma taking  and absorbing damage with fury and scorn and unleashing a massive breath blast relevant to what his color is in his 2  like a massive fireball or a toxic vile area.

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