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Acolyte 2.0


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Using YouTube as a reference point (based on X [Insert time here] Ago) the last time Acolytes have spawned was 11 months ago, while the Razorback, and Fomorian Sabotage has spawned at least twice in 2019 which troubles me and I"m sure other community members: So i propose a new way to spawn them instead of DE just saying When, to which that is random and to my knowledge has no SET date.

New Spawn Type: Similar to the Fomorian and Razorback Armada spawn it will take the community to summon it (Somewhat fitting since....the acolytes were originally a community event) But the twist is HOW they're spawned. The Acolytes are lackeys of Stalker right? So why not make the community driven spawn based on how many stalkers are killed? I feel this would be a appropriate way to cause the event rather than crossing your fingers and hoping DE announces it on Prime Time or DevStream, the % per stalker kill would have to be in the hundredths (Decimal) place so it isn't too too common but also not too too rare.

Closing Thought: I already know someone's not going to agree with this idea but honestly i'd just like to throw this out there and see what you all would think, feel free to critique this if you'd like..Maybe a staff member would bring this to light, and possibly refine it and make it a real feature.

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