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Unable to Modify Parazon


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Just finished learning my last requiem mod for my lich (which was formed before the update earlier today). Excited to finish her off, I head to my arsenal to slap that last nugget in and my screen gets a massive white overlay where the mod UI should be. Unable to leave this window, but still able to open chat, I restart the game. Head straight on back aaand...same issue. Restart game again. Remember I was able to view my parazon upgrade menu by going through my lich page right before getting that last murmur, but after the update so try that. Same white screen, but now it's angled different and I can see the bottom of a couple mod cards. 

Realize I haven't restarted my xbox since the update, so try that...still no luck.


As of right now, I can not modify my parazon to finish off my lich. It bricks my game (aside from chat) to try and do so. 

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