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User-inputted number is not honoured in certain areas of the UI


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Going into an area where you can press the Y button in order to type in the number that you want will not honour the number. It's a little bit difficult to explain, so (as always), I've made a video below.


This has actually become an issue starting from when it first appeared on the Switch version (I'm not aware of whether or not this happens on other console versions). As you can see in the video, after I input the desired number and I press the L and R buttons, it will revert back to the number that was previously selected +/- 1 (depending on whether I selected the L button or R button). Furthermore, accepting the number will only honour the number that was changed through the L and R buttons and not through the actual user input.

To further explain the video, I used the L and R buttons in order to go up to the number 4. I then pressed the Y button in order to input the number 12. When pressing the L and R buttons, I expect the number to go from 12 to 13 (when pressing R) and then to 11 (when pressing L twice). Instead, it goes to 5 (when pressing R and then to 3 (when pressing L twice). I can repeat this process as many times as I want, but it will always revert back to the same number before I typed up a different number +/- 1 (when pressing the L and R buttons). Furthermore, when pressing the A button to confirm my selection, I expect that the number 12 (later in the video, I typed up that number) would be used so that it will select 12 of the "Sundering Weave" mod that I've selected. However, instead, it only selected 4 of the mods.

Hopefully, I made it a little clearly and a solution can be resolved from this.

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