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After 4 days, I am very impressed!


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I've been looking for a game that is similar in nature to Killing Floor (co-op centered) and wow Warframe really delivered.

First the gameplay, this is what I love the most with Warframe. Movements are simple and fluid, not much acceleration, fast turning by the mouse, almost no animation delay and you can cancel out of most animation into another which makes this game so fast and responsive suited for action oriented game and also very high skill cap for players (good players don't have to wait for animation or limited his response time to delays).

Second is the level design, going with the random generated map is really nice if you want more replayability out of the game but with so little tiles to random with it is a bit still too few and I'd say it is not enough variety of content right now to warrant a full release with only 1 themed map even with a little varient like frozen and infested decoration. I think around 3 themes for the map should be enough according to the number of enemy factions in the game right now and you guys can release new enemy faction along with map theme later on which I think will go along well lore-wise.

My worry by far is the how the microtransaction for this game is right now. I know it is not final since it is beta and that's why I'm posting this feedback so everyone can see it.

First of all, Don't sell power. If League of Legends with millions of players is any guide for Free to play games, this is it. No power different between paying customer and non paying customers. Selling power will only satisfy your paying customers and shut off those non-paying side as a second class citizen. Treating them like a second class will only lessen the number of players so why not please them and turn them into paying for your game? I really think Warframe is already a very great game so be confident, good game with no selling power will go a long way not just for Warframe but for new titles after this as well.

To be specific, I am referring to "Upgrade to pro" and "Afuris", "Bolto" exclusive weapons.

Instead of monetizing from those exclusive weapons and going pros, I suggest "selling slots" is a better way to do it. You can change starting Warframe slot to be like 3 instead of 2 and weapon slots at 8 is already fine. Then you can up the cost of slots to be like 5$ for warframe slot and 2 weapon slots for 5$(~125plat?) This way you will monetize "after" players are comitted to your game and really feel comfortable to pay, not just out right asking them to pay at the first "going pro". Selling skins are cool as well and I already see some interface in-game about changing the skins in place.

Although it is kinda strange that Excalibur Prime is not just a skin but another Warframe altogether.

I think DE is a bit too afraid that Warframe won't have that many players to be profitting from this kind of monetization so they kinda think that they need to "at least make most players to pay a minimum 10$ or so", but in my opinion, this is a really good game so be confident about it. You don't need every players to pay to be profitting from Free to Play business model, just enough percentage of players that feel comfortable paying.

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