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railjack bugs

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might be digging up the corpse and beating it up again but what's up with railjack bugs anyways? at this point I'm reaching a 90% encounter rate for these things.

anyways here's the listing of bugs I have encountered while doing railjack (and some being complaints):

the tenno's skin turning into the warframes color (for me it was red) when going through tenno mode.

AW weapons overlapping on the warframe even when out of archwing.

getting blasted to the opposite end of the map.

enemies not showing properly and their weapon discharge not being shown (for some reason).

(this is from the ash perspective): fatal teleport suddenly not working and catalyzing the warframe to be blasted off to the other end of the map.

attack speed being severely reduced for unexplained reasons (I double checked that I wasn't being hit by a cold effect this is legit a bug that has happened with my a few times)

enemies from the other end of the map being able to suddenly snipe you (not a bug but a complaint)

no longer being able to board a ship or get into the Railjack.

horrible clipping that results in you being instantly killed for no reason (that or there was enemy fire that still hits you despite the fact that you should be covered).

and how could I forget our favorite host disconnect problems. (usually happens when the host docks and starts another mission)

my favorite one favorite one is honestly where the enemy hits you from  10000k units as if their ship weapon were built upon mesa regulators. that or the enemy was invisible on my side.

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