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Concept idea


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Name: Ossium

Armor: 530

Hp: 250

Energy: 300

Sprint speed: 1.10

Duration: 67%

Efficiency: 56%

Range: 20%

Strength: 320%

Drain: 2 per second

Ability 1: Skeletal rip. A type of attack that allows you to pull the skeleton from living beings.

Ability 2: Skeletal Bird. Turns the warframe into a bird of prey that allows you to shoot spikes at enemies and being able to travel place to place.

Ability 3: Ossium Crush. This attack allows to warframe to punch the ground and summon a giant Skeletal hand that kills the enemy with one swipe or crush.

Alt: Legion. Transforms into a giant skeleton that takes hp every 5 seconds. This would allow to take down multiple targets in the area of attack. He is only stationary.

Passive: Bone absorption Once enemies are dead the bones of the enemies are absorbed making the frame look more muscular. It increases energy, speed, and damage resistance of the frame.

Description: This frame was made to protect the bones of the dead and the lives of the living. The frame had been placed to watch the colony on Earth for a millennium, but when a war started he tried to prevent them from dying which had caused him great stress and sorrow. Those who had killed his colony would pay with the life of his new found ability of legion. In the end what was the cost his life.

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Well for one, it would be WAAY easier to separate and indent the things you would like to talk about in order so that way it could be like a warframe select screen.

(Like this)

And if I wanted to look at the abilities, I would just scroll a lil further.

Having a big wall of text reminds people of an essay (not all of them but me for sure) and me having A.D.D makes it unappealing, no offense obviously.

But take time and order thing out.

With spacing this leads to my second statement, with having the spacing, it's a little bit easier to point out the nic/nacs and mistakes that might've been added in here and thereso. 

With that in line, you can go back and add additional details like: ENERGY COST: 35 (leading to 5 energy./per sec.)

(Enter ability desc.)

Again, I'm not trying to attack your concept in any way shape or form. Just make it eye grabbing is all, it's a bit of a weak punch just naming the forum "Concept idea"..... GIVE HIM/IT A NAME! spice that bad boy up a bit!


I hope I helped a bit, but take some time on your idea, give it work, and make the idea SPLASH!

                   if you need an example, here are my concepts:



your friendly gamer,

                            -Itz SwirlZz 

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