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Several bugs with ESO


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Started noticing several issues with ESO lately. Just had a mission that had some new strange ones: 

1) I jumped into ESO in a public group just now and noticed a bunch of Saryn's spores floating all over the air detached from the enemy bodies. This was an issue for the remaining zones.

2) In zone 2, I fell out of the level (over the edge on one of the infested corpus ship tilesets). When I respawned, all my abilities (1-4) were locked by Simaris for the remainder of the mission (multiple zones). Samaris was also blocking operator form. Whenever I tried using anything I got the blue horizontal lines that occur when you use ability 4 too many times. Only difference is he didn't have dialogue like normal.

3) The UI was also broken from the start. The minimap did not show anything and the information about which zone I was in was also missing.

4) Whenever a conduit open to go to the next zone, using operator form anywhere in the current zone automatically transfers you to the next zone. This never happened before and creates some weird hangups when loading into the new zone.


I was not hosting the mission. I was playing as Baruuk.


Not sure what other info would be helpful. I have pictures but not sure how to add them here...


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