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Could be a bug or just new jumps? (I made a video demostration)


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So, here I am and here I let you the video (It is on Youtube, I don't know if I can upload it there, but if I can't just don't blame me, I will put it in Private really fast.

(Tribute to Gangnam Style).

So, about the video, what's going on? Do you think it's a bug or not? It's really hard to do it but these jumps are really usefull... I want that Staff and all community watch this because I want to resolve my doubts also, I don't know if anyone more knows this but I just want to show it.

Thank you for watching :).

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I get this jump to happen by quickly tapping both jump and roll/sprint at the same time, and I get it to happen pretty much every time. I assumed it was a key-combo command, but ever since this thread popped up I questioned my first guess.

Now I would like to hear from the Mods about this, but even if it is a bug.. I like it, so this would be one bug I wouldn't want fixed :)

edit: ninja'd some corrections

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