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prime vault items not received

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Hello, i dont know if this is the right spot to write but at this point i dont know what to do anymore.

Long story short. I bought the trinity prime pack and can ONLY use Warframe and the few platin.

The package also had some kubrov stuff and a prime melee weapon.

In my inventory i can see the kubrov stuff and the melee (DUAL-Kamas PRIME) but when i go into arsenal for example, the melee is NOT there.( there is also no mastery locked dual prime weapons in arsenal so im 100000% sure i didnt overlook it.... I relogged, reinstalled the game, waited days. NOTHING.


I wrote a supportticket which got ignored for days. And after almost one week i got an email that i received my items.


I checked and NOTHING


I am so pissed right now and i just want to know if i will ever receive my items ( i payed real money for this S#&$) or not ?

Some players told me they had the same problem and that the stuff is actually mastery rank locked. But according to the description it should be instant use.

So now the packs itself are scams ? Thats so sad.

Whatever comes out you definetly lost a player due to this S#&$ty support. I only want to know whats up now but i will quit for sure.

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