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The Codex needs an overhaul


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I can't be the only one who wants this. The way the Codex is right now for the factions and objects feels so unfinished and haphazard, with some entities completely missing from the codex despite being scannable whilst in a mission. It's so disappointing to scan an object/enemy/creature multiple times in hopes to unlock more lore and information about it, only to get maybe a single sentence, or most of the time absolutely nothing, while other entries have an entire paragraph of lore in their codex entries.

A lot of the codex entry thumbnails are just duplicated, like the Kuakas and the Eximus enemy variants, just to name a few.





Some models in the codex even clip through their pedestals when viewed or don't even fit the screen!


I wanted to see what the Condor Dropship looked like from all angles out of curiosity. BUt I can't, because it doesn't fit in the screen! The exploiter orb's codex entry doesn't have this problem, and that is WAAAY bigger than the dropship, so I don't see why this should be a problem?


Oh, and if you want to see the eidolons in all their glory in the Codex, too bad, you only get to see a third of their body in shadow as battle music plays. Why? I don't know. In all honesty, Warframe's Wiki is better at cataloging both the lore and the visual data regarding enemies and creatures than the ingame Codex is. In the heat of battle while on a mission, its often hard to see all the cool details, and while the wiki has still-images, it's more interesting to be able to view these amazingly built assets up close and be able to rotate the model about, especially for those of us who like to make fanart. 

Because THIS-


Is not what I want to see when I want a closer look at a fish. Reeds and grass blocking my view, the fish OFF CENTER and the NON-CONTROLLABLE camera rotating haphazardly about while doing nothing to help me see the creature better. The Codex needs a major overhaul. 

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