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Index Tab view - show mission time again


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I don't per se dislike the new Index view, I only frequently notice a lot, that when I play index I often check the time, how well/fast the team is doing.
I often go in with random squad and if it takes too long for each round I tend to rather leave. If team is good and game is fast I stay.

Theres no easy way to quickly check mission time while the game is running with the tab quick view.
You have to hit P, then stats and then progression. While standing somewhere getting killed. Thats inconvenient - to put it mildly.

Also I often take some weapons to level there. So it's already not easy checking the progression midgame anymore. Slightly annoying, but not sooo much of a dealbreaker.

I like the new look of the mission overview, it's just not very functional and missing a lot of info you previously had at one quick glance.

Hopefully this might get looked into.

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