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Fishing Spear Bug - Cambion Drift


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Went in Cambion drift to farm gems and fish along the way. 40 minutes in i start fishing. After some time i throw a spear at a fish and it goes 9282639201km away in some god knows what direction and suddenly i become frozen.

/unstuck doesn't work. Only thing that i could do is aim with my spear. Couldn't throw it...can't move/jump...anything.

Just wasted 40 minutes.

DE please fix this...

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Ok, having dabbled in game dev I suspect I know what's going on here.  This bug happened to me two times in two days... Was fishing tons of cryptosuctus for their resources so was out for 20+ minutes both times and caught more than a few dozen fish both times.  I suspect there's a memory leak or bug in the script that handles the "show warframe holding fish" cutscene.  I suspect at the end of the cutscene, the game state is not being restored properly so the client continues to disallow movement, gear wheel, operator, warframe abilities, firing/attacking, etc.

For anybody else experiencing this issue, there's only 1 workaround I've found: have another player extract you:

Hopefully you're in friends only matchmaking and a friend is online.  Invite them to your session and have them head to extraction to begin the extraction timer.  Once you're extracted, the client's game state is restored to a nominal state, you get a normal mission complete results window and you can continue playing and don't lose anything.

This is a very game-breaking experience so please prioritize this bug, DE.  Thanks! :)

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Same stuff is happening to me. 
Another way I found by accident to 'unfroze' is to let mobs attack you till you die, and after revive you can move again. Same with having Vasca Kavat revive you.
It's so irritating, because I can't catch more than 1-2 fish in one go... Let alone all the resources I have picked earlier.

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