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Forma change idea


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For a while now, warframe has had a problem in forma incentives, beyond developing builds, forma counts really don't do anything, and its become a bit of a joke in how little forma actually matters. My idea revolves around making forma counts, and by extension, player investment. The basics is that, for every forma punt on a weapon or frame, the mod capacity of said item increases by one, up to forma count 5. At 5 forma, the item in question gets an extra forma'd slot, and at this point diminishing returns kicks in. After 5 points, mod capacity increases by one for ever two forma punt on, and the next extra slot costs 5 more forma than the previous, the next tier hitting at 15. at 15 forma, you'd get two extra slots, and 10 extra mod capacity. This would go on and on, increasing as it goes, so the next threshold would be 30, then 50 and so on. Most general builds for weapons and frames only goes up to around 5 forma, so this gives a small incentive for those players to build up their weapons, while giving those who pool so much time in increasing forma counts a reward for their hard work. You could also tie it into the mastery system, those tiers from 5 to 15 and on being steps. So, tier one would be getting that extra slot and mod capacity at 5 at tier one, which you would only get at MR 10, then at MR 20, you'd unlock tier 2 for two and forma count 15. 15 forma is already a kind of ridiculous amount, but with this incentive, those in mr 20's would have the resources to utilize this. At tier 3, 30 forma count, you'd unlock at the full mr 30, and as a mr capstone, you'd unlock the tier limit, meaning at mr 30, not only could you get tier forma counts unlocked, but you could go up tp tier 4 at 50 and tier 5 at 75, showing off how much power a maxed mr player could have. 

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