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Feedback for Kuva Lich & Railjack


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Dear developers,

Some things i would love to see change or added are the following:

Kuva Lich:

First of all i feel like the liches are a bit..too personalized or rather..obsessed, they are focused more on the tenno than their own growth.

The idea was clearly taken from shadow of mordor but you missed some key elements for it. The Nemesis is not that focused or obsessed on the character but rather they have a feud with the character, the objective of the nemesis is not to hunt down or steal some pointless portions of the loot of the character because they are obsessed with him but they want to kill him to prove their strength, their main priority was never to actually kill the player but to grow in ranks and power as the orcs would do anything in order to gain the position of warchief.

The more you progressed you would see that these nemesis would have special quests and special situations were they would try to recruit and or take over followers or locations but there never was an event that they would hunt you down besides the ambush which was based on "showing up at the worse time possible". The reasoning of the player stopping those events for been a success was mainly to stop them from growing in power which as a result had the nemesis hate the player more but it still wasn't personal.

The more the Nemesis grew in power they would keep gaining immunity to certain types of attacks forcing the player to change his way to try to kill them, or sometimes they would have of fatal vulnerabilities that would either instantly kill them or make them easier to kill and the player had to figure it out in order to kill them.

In warframe on the other hand the lich feels clunky and wrong, it feels more like an obsessed ex wife that has to send you a message that she hates you every day rather than a character that tries to have a growth regardless if that growth is of character or power. It feels more like another capture mission with extra steps.

The changes that i would like to see are firstly with their character, we dont need another message every single time we go over a planet or enter the game, how does that make them any different than those syndicates? or nora telling you the exact same thing over and over or the lotus her self? The lich should be focused more on them selves rather than the teno as we are more of the force that stops them rather than just another object of focus. Why not instead of the lich immediately capturing a planet just to steal some pitiful amount of rss that nobody cares about they could be a force to actually challenge us? there should be dynamic missions that would be events for the growth of the lich for example an invasion like mission that the liches followers would try to gain more power by killing those who oppose them? Or the lich it self trying to kill other lords or commanders in order to rank higher? Their rewards should feel like an achievement and not just another item to farm.

In general there should be missions for the liches progress of overtaking planets or growing in power, their system should feel less obsessed over the tenno and more focused on their own growth in power.

We should be able to force summon the lich that would come along with its own elite follower mobs, like some strong variations of already existing models.

Secondly the executions or the progress of killing a lich at its current state feels clunky, it feels like gathering the requiem mods has an only purpose of been just a filler which i can understand since i assume you want to slow down how fast a player can kill the lich. Instead how about the player trying to figure out a certain rotation of the mods those death murmurs would reveal the bosses weaknesses? Those weaknesses could vary from spots or elements even that the player can exploit in order to be able to kill them instead of just a mindless grind of some mods that nobody cares about.

Also why does the lich congratulate the tenno when they figure out how to kill them? whats up with that? that feels so wrong. Why are they so damn happy that they are about to die? Shouldnt it be the opposite? to try to stop us from killing them?

finally when it goes down to actually killing the lich they keep saying how they lost their limps or how we mutilated them or that they had to re attach their limps. But we havent seen any limps been chopped of? Why dont you add animations that we actually do that? or cause some serious damage to them so what they are saying actually makes sense.


There is not much i can say about the railjack, i think everybody who hears that word knows how unfinished it feels and is, we were shown a lot and we only got 10% of it but a lot of reasons, mainly because the implementation of all the systems proved to be harder on a larger scale, even tho i want to think that it will be added later on.

Personally i wish you will bring everything you showed us and if not everything then surely the 90% of it. The railjack is such an amazing idea and it will be a shame if it doesn't come to reality.

I wish you will give us the ability to swift the power of each system and this time make it be from the helm, let the driver take care of it.

Been powerful with a ship is not just about having good and strong guns unless you want everyone to feel overpowered with minimum effort. I think its more rewarding to feel powerful knowing that your own skill and knowledge is what put you through the hard situations, knowing when to use your shields or your power or your speed to avoid enemies or fatal shots.

Like you said in one of your streams you want players to get out of the clouds and be like WOW i am strong. But do you want this strength to come from op guns or their actual skill level? Because if that strength comes from abilities like the tether then its just a plain meh. I am telling you this as somebody who has invested time in such games with ships and space combat. Its far more rewarding to survive because of your skill rather than op systems ( Perhaps the game dreadnaught should give you an idea or two, i think you already took the idea of the power circulation from there)

At the same time the power of the railjack should be re balanced and if not the railjacks then the enemies. As somebody who has reached Tier 3 i can tell u there is 0 need for side gunners when you have a tether, that thing is beyond broken and it nullifies the need for a crew. Why would i need a crew when i can instantly kill everything by my self? at best i will need 1 guy constantly been crafting stuff and 1 guy repairing and maybe 1 guy for artillery. At the very least give us a way to replace the turrets to automated ones or something different all together.

There is not much else i can say about this part of the game since we really dont know what its future is but i sincerely hope it wont be just an abandoned project. Its some of the best content yet and i am so waiting for more.

Thanks for giving us the best f2p game there is.

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