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WTS Kubrows Chesa/Huras/Sunika/Raska from common colors to one rare or triple rare, stripped/patched/merle/lotus pattern


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Want to sell my cute kubrows! 
Bellow the initial image I have all their descriptions with bigger images in the spoilers!
-Sunika, Stripped pattern, Bulky, Phorid Red SOLD
-Huras, Stripped pattern, Skinny, common SOLD
-Chesa, Lotus pattern, Bulky, common SOLD
At the end of the post I have two more kubrows from which I have single imprints. 
For more screen shots, info or negotiation  we can talk either here in comments/messages or on discord: IadeSSnakE#8883
- Chesa Skinny, Merle, 1 rare: Venus Brown 30p  
A really cute color combination, the Gallium Grey as a base color is merging perfeclty with the rare Venus Brown into a nice reflective nuance, the tertiary is Earth Brown. A chocolate kubrow I would say ;) 



- Chesa Athletic, Striped, 1 rare: Ambulas Black 35p
Dark Chocolate Kubrow, Ambulas Black as the Base color, Mars Red as a Secondary and Krill Brown as Tertiary. I don't know about you, but this combinations is delicious!



- Huras Skinny, Striped, common colors 15p  SOLD
I'm not sure on all his colors, and unfortunatelly I can't check anymore, but he has all common colors. Ordis Grey as a base color, and most probably Hek Green as a secondary. This kubrow is more about utility, he will make you invisible near enemies, and he does a better job at it than Shades ;) that's why I love Huras. 



- Chesa Bulky, Lotus, common colors, Black energy 80p SOLD
A palette of common pastel colors. It is a lovely palette and a lovely pattern! Who doesn't love Lotus pattern? His secondary color is Darvo Blue which makes it really interesting for who likes a pastel blue. The base and the tertiary are not distinguishable both have the same nuance: Mercury Brown and Krill Brown, really similar colors. 


- Chesa Bulky, Domino, 1 rare: Venus Brown 55p
Domino parttern, a really interesting one with Earth Brown as the base color, the rare purple Venus Brown as a secondary, and Ash Grey for the secondary.  I also have the parents imprints (just 1 from each which I'll post at the end) That purple and grey mesh really nice together! <3



- Chesa Athletic, Patchy, common colors 20p
I like to call this one Pudding! It has 3 common colors, but they are so similar it makes it look like a vanilla pudding! Mercury Brown and Krill Brown as base and secondary, Ash Grey as tertiary color.  Also, to me it seems she has a Gold energy which looks perfect!



- Huras Athletic, Striped, 1 rare: Shadow Grey 40p
Kubrow that hides in the shadows, with Shadow Grey as a base color, Mercury Brown as a secondary, Hek Green as a tertiary, Pink energy color.  It's more on the grey scale, seeing his base color which will make all the other colors more prominent when customized. 


- Sunika Bulky, Striped, 1 rare: Phorid Red, Gold/Light Gold energy 100p SOLD
Not only a combat ready Kubrow, but also marked by a bloody red color! Phorid Red base color, Saturn Brown secondary and Gallium Grey as tertiary. 



-Raska Athletic, Merle, Triple rare: Shadow Grey(base), Jupiter Brown(secondary), Alad Blue(tertiary), and Black Energy - 300p
My sweet Triple rare kubrow that looks like a deer! It has 3 rare colors that work pretty nice together, especially for the "Deer" look in my opinion. I am open for offers and negotiation of the price.





I have 1 imprint for the next 2 kubrows that I'd like to sell:

- Chesa, Athletic, Patchy, 2 rare colors: Venus Brown, Jupiter Brown, Green energy 25p for the single imprint I own

Earth Brown base color, Venus Brown as secondary, Jupiter Brown as tertiary




- Sunika, Bulky, Domino, all common colors, Purple energy 25p for the single imprint I own

  Mars Red, Jupiter Brown, Ash Grey



For more screen shots, info or negotiation  we can talk either here in comments/messages or on discord: IadeSSnakE#8883

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