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Hemlinth Charger Color issue


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Originally posted March 15.  Being brought back up due to suggestions of clan due to more pets being added.

So my Hemlinth Charger is bugged out color wise still.  I at one point randomized her color and somehow a different color got set in her emissive color slot.
She is by defualt suppose to have Corpus Grey or another color in that slot but somehow randomizing her tacked on a second color that can't be chanced which causes the slot to have a deep crimson color. (The color this is has not been figured out, as all my unlocked reds do not match this red.)
What makes this annoying is this color stacks with the default/customization color, causing the colors to combo with one another, rendering most colors an ugly red.  The only color that has actually changed anything is Osprey Blue, which results in a very odd pinkish blue color.  Not even singularity black hides this red color.
No matter what I've tried, nothing turns her back to her actual colors, leaving me with the option of the ugly red or odd pinkish blue.

And before it's suggested, getting rid of her and making a new Hemlinth is out of question due to her having both an Orokin Reactor and forma used on her.

All I did to cause this glitch was randomize her appearance, then clear the results.

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