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Locked into ship


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There has been a bug in the game for about a month since HoD where whenever you are loading back into your ship after a mission you get back and your squad hud and star chart are missing.

In this state you are unable to do anything you usually would to get out of your ship such as select any mission as the planets are completely blank, entering a clan dojo doesnt work as you get an infinite loading screen and lastly you are unable to vote mission as all the squad icons for members are missing making it impossible to leave or vote, as the players start to leave the squad nothing changes and it is a forced restart every time.

From my experience with this bug it is caused by someone else starting up a mission vote as you are still in a loading screen back to your ship not touching any keys results in the exact same effect of no icons, this bug affects me every 2 or three missions so as you can understand it gets quite unbearable, my situation is not helped by me having a particularly slow hard drive either but this bug has been in the game for over a month now and it renders the game unplayable in situations where you are doing void fissures and people tend to insta-queue the next mission after completion so please take a look at this bug it makes the game virtually unplayable over a period of anything more than an hour.

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