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Relic Rewards not being displayed + impossible to extract from mission


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I was doing void fissure missions with some other guys and we had done a few already.

Suddenly the relic rewards would not display.

To be precise:

When all 4 of us reached the extraction zone a timer appearead on the screen counting down from 5 to 0. When it reached 0 nothing happened. We waited about 30 seconds to 1 minutes but nothing would happen. we then had our host (not me) close his warframe-window entirely (I personally could not open the ESC-Menu myself and was only able to use the ingame text chat, so i assume the other guys were not able to access the ESC-Menu either).  After he left i became the new host and the 2 other guys remained in the mission with me. We then were all able to move around, use abilities and weapons, etc. (all the normal stuff). Except one thing: If someone went on the extraction zone nothing would happen(no timer started and no text "Players waiting on extraction 1/3" would appear). Even worse: We all left the extraction zone together and then went back on it. But that still did not help. so we didnt see any other way out but to abort the mission.

This was a capture mission which was likely shorter than 2 minutes. But if something like this can happen at any fissure (looking at kuva requiem survival and MOT endurance runs) this could be very very frustrating for the players that get affected by this.

(I recall this bug existing in the past but it was hotfixed 1 hour after it was introduced to the game) maybe this was some special case that just wasnt covered in that hotfix. who knows...)

EDIT: same bug some weeks ago: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1213020-axi-ext-oxymomoco-fissure-very-important-game-breaking-bug/?do=findComment&comment=11751660

I have a recording of the mission saved on my pc (thanks shadowplay).

If it matters (which i highly doubt) i was using WFINFO, a standalone program to display the platinum value of relic rewards. but then again i have been using that program throughout all the other missions i did today with no such bugs happening ever.

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