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Cambion Drift Captura Attempts


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Hello everybody!


So I just decided to participate in the Captura of Deimos Contest, and enjoyed it a lot, though I had a hard time deciding which picture to choose. I was very satisfied with these screenshots, probably because I've never seen any pics from others.


So here are my first-ever top 10 captura attempts:




I would say I have spent the most time with Wukong, since the Celestial Twin ability had a lot of potential in my opinion.

But at the end those pictures turned out to be the lamest, and I also hated how those lighting ribbons got blurred out! So I chose another character.






After that I rediscovered Harrow. I don't use this frame very often so I totally forgot about it.

But nonetheless, this skin looked shiny, yet dark and I loved it!

In the meantime, I tried to take pics with enemies in the backgound, but it took way too much time to coordinate them so I stopped that very quickly. 😃







And finally Wisp!

With this TennoGen skin she really fit in the scenery and I think all of these shots turned out to be just great! Didn't want to post all of it, only the ones that actually look differnet.

This was around the 4th hour of my captura experience, so I experimented a bit more with the abilities and places.

I choose the last picture at the end. I also took a quick look at the rest of posts in the thread, and I saw sooo many great screenshots!

Can't wait to see the winners!


Thanks a lot if you took the time and checked my content!

I don't really like to post here, but sometimes I tend to make exceptions. 😃

Also, if you have any observations and/or suggestions about using captura mode or generally any opinion to share, please let me know!

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