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Controller issue between desktop and laptop



HI, so I have this controller issue that I seem unable to find a fix for. Ya see, on my desktop, my controller works nice and fine. If I fall I can resurrect with X, I can blink with my arching with LB and open my map with SELECT. When I try to play away from home however, the movement (not the aiming) becomes hyper sensitive(especially in an archwing), i can no longer archwing blink with LB, SELECT no longer does anything, and X does nothing if i fall. Any idea whats up? I tried looking in the in game controller customization but that got me nowhere.

(OH I play on the same steam account for both desk and laptop)

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i am assuming you are playing though steam lots for the issues you are talking about sounds like steam not playing nice with warframe or steam big picture mode using default controls two things can fix this disable steam overlay for warframe or go into big picture mode disable controllers that will make it so you can change controls form settings in game the other option is to change controls in big picture mode 

Hopes this helps you

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