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Railjack. РС.


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Hello, I don't know how to describe it, but you can get into the texture.





Space. After exiting the "Owners" ship and leaving a "point" there or marking the enemy flying, then the "point" (sometimes the "evacuation" site remains), after fulfilling the mission conditions, the enemy can fly away, leaving a mark ("point" ) that shows its location.


Grineer: There are no fresh screenshots on the grineer, but you can fly into TRANSPORT, not as before, only from the side of the engines.



1 room on a mission in chrome, all -_-.


Turning off the station does not end the fire.




The rift mod is opened using Railjack and it didn't open, I'm in the dojo.


A ship in space sometimes flies into textures.




Again, hello! Would you be so kind as to leave a link to a topic where I could post screenshots of mechanics errors or should I add this topic? ..

P. S. Use translate - https://translate.google.ru/#view=home&op=translate&sl=ru&tl=en&text=И снова%2C здрасти! Будьте добры оставить ссылку на тему%2C где я мог бы выставить скрины ошибок механики или мне стоит дополнить эту тему%3F..

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