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cetus, fortuna, deimos


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cerus: 5th bounty where u enemy should spawn to kill them and get suply beacon. they dont spawn and mission will bug

fortuna bounty 5th one. after taking bounty in game mean from free room behind the door from the guy.. where u should kill enemy and take data key to get bouns.. they will not spawn in ship

deimos: where u should kill enemy to geather something like pods they will not spawn or after u go far away from mission area some enemy spawn at long distance and killing them will not grant thoes pods and u should go to area and get back bcause after 15 secon ur mission will abandoned that part hagve alots of bug that need to fix


and for bounty on cetus there is pain u try hard to get bouns for 4 stage and some lumber brain guy ruin the stage 5 where u should kill commander only not other to take bounty bouns

are u trying to flee ppl from low master rank or eavn other player becuse of this part of bounty??? please change the bouns for this stage to another thing!

thank you

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