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2035 The Saga Continues


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Can we talk about this ban until 2035 thing thats happening in Warframe? As in, without the mods deleting or disabling the uncomfortable topic that it is.

Over the past 5 days I have been doing some research on this. It seems to be a recurring bug that causes this and has been ongoing since forever ago. Not a day or 2, not a week or 2. How is a game breaking bug NOT addressed after literally MONTHS of causing havoc for numerous users?


Is the reason it's not more widely discussed because every thread I find on it here, seems to have been fairly rapidly closed by the moderators?

I understand if its a mistake that has happened, or happens- but this has been going on for a looong time to maaany players. I for one have been locked out of the game for about 5 days now. I missed the Lotus Umbra event, the bonus affinity and more. Why so long you may ask? Because I submitted a ticket to support. 5 DAYS AGO. Wanna know what their reply is? Me too, as I have been fairly comprehensively ignored. I have been playing for years and have actually put money into the game wanting to support the developers. If the result of such investments is ongoing game breaking bugs for months, then perhaps such investments are a waste?


I think all fellow Tenno need to band together and resist the temptation of plat discounts, in order to vote with our wallets and refuse to spend a cent further on the game. Once they fix some bugs (including this pretty major one), then we can get back to supporting them financially and the devs can get back to nerfing everything they can find.  Whats Im saying is, lets boycott buying plat until they actually show some care for us players. Because it feels like they haven't for at least a year or 2, and I think its because our undying support has made them rich and waaay too comfy. #BoycottPlat




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