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Hydra remake


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fJ7bLsz.png1st Call of Death hydras waking up (doesn't use much of energy until you go to fire mode they only spit spikes that does slash damage) increase the speed of spikes with efficiency mods

2nd Divine mode (FIRE) , he now goes to fire damage increasing melee damage with fire and also pistol/rifles ,and giving hydras fire breath

(the fire is yellowish by default not orange as we know it, because it is more of death fire not actual fire)

3rd IMMORTAL Taking damage and making it armor ,armor explodes dealing huge damage after reaching it is limit increase limit with strength obviously

4th ENDING hydras breath life stealing energy ,taking life of other enemies giving hydra there armor/health/energy based on how much strength he have is how much % of there armor he gets and how long this ability stays

------------- Augments :


Myth Divine : giving hydra Eidolon energy -Hydras now breath Eidolon energy witch have more damage

-Instead of exploding armor you have to click it to explode after reaching the limit Else it takes armor to heal near teammates when limit is reached

-ENDING now splits the taken life from enemies to you and your teammates

Soul taker : consumes souls instead of life with ENDING 10 souls = revive when killed



it is the remake of Hydra kit 

need all critiques

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