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Lt Lech Krill, Phobos Seems Bugged, Solo Only


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For me when i get to close to lech Krill, he buggs and becomes invincible. Tho he won't deal any damage, he will just follow me. This never happens when I play with others.


My stats:







I'm fairly sure its only when I solo, because as soon as someone joined me he unglitched and we could finish him off.


Thx in advance!

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Ehm yeah, I can unload a maxed out soma on it and it doesnt do a thing.

From what I know, once he does the ground slam, u can deal damage to his coolant tank. The tubes pop off and then eventually they fall off completely. I tap fire.


Just adding that my dps on soma is high enough to kill him in one clip as soon as he enters phase 2 in a 4 man game..

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You have to break the tank on his back to force him to freeze himself and repeat it three times. If you're doing that and he remains invincible, then it probably is a bug.


Edit: Did you try your other gun?

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ehm yeah, i unloaded both my despairs and soma on him. Like the first few tubes flew off fairly easily.


Just adding to it what mods i have


splitchamber max

serration at i think 145%

wildfire max

crit chance max

crit damage max

cryo max

armorpiercing 1 below max.

shred 1 below max


despairs are comparable


No rhino stomp involved either

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It happend during the first phase. He goes down to quickly during the second phase to have time to glitch. But I can shoot his back and the tubes wont come off. He does walk around but wont fire.


Yeah I'll play online.. just had a hardtime finding people online so I made a solo game.


He's currently trapped in the elevator, but for some reason my printscreen is printing a black screen.. not sure whats up with that.

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