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Hello everyone, 

I think [DE] should add more features about colors to the game.

1) Selecting your favorite colors is too limiting. The game has many color palettes but you can choose your 25 favorite colors as 5x5 palette. Any color palette has 90 colors as 18x5 palette. Hypothetically, you pick colors from Fire, Tenno II, dojo, smoke and grineer but you want to add more colors or same colors' tones, you don't have enough space for this situation. I think [DE] should add a personal color palette to the game and it should include 90 colors as 18x5 palette. The palette also can be sharable to other players.

2) [DE] should add specified randomizers to customization part of warframes like railjack. For example, primary color randomizer, secondary randomizer, energy color randomizer should be seperated from each other. So, you can pick random color to only your primary color, secondory color etc. It provides to find different color combinations.

3) [DE] should add 3rd color bundle. 

4) In my opinion, we can use regalia(s) for legs.

5) Warframe parts should be separated as helmet, torso and legs. So, we can choose any helmet, any skin for torso and any skin for legs. I generally like deluxe skins but legs.

For example, saryn customization: 

Helmet: prime helmet

Torso: deluxe skin

Legs: default skin etc.

Thanks for reading.



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